Danielle Jonas Hides Bump Behind Kevin

danielle-jonaskevin-babyDanielle Jonas Instagram: Happy Birthday to my Daddy to be. Your the love of my life and my best friend. I love you more then you will ever no. Love dani and baby girl. + baby picture of Kevin!


  • rosie


    • Anna

      STFU she is pregnant! Seriously why do you believe every rumor you hear?

  • RegReach

    why does she hide it
    when kim was pregant she showed the world then got her body back in 2 weeks
    dani let us see the love growing inside of you

    • rosie

      What love? she is not pregnant and for that reason she can’t show anything lol that is just a pillow

      • boo

        You’re really stupid. There have been plenty of pictures of Dani showing a little baby bump. She shows nothing, you say it’s because she’s not pregnant. She shows something, you’ll say it’s a pillow. Don’t be dumb.

  • boo

    Dude if you seriously believe that “rumor” about Danielle not really being pregnant, you’re stupidly gullible. It amazes me how quick some people are to believe a stupid rumor, especially ones that don’t even make any sense. Everyone falls for a media stunt now and then, myself included, but the first thing I do when I hear a shocking celeb rumor is check the source, or check a credible one to see if it there’s even an inkling that it might be legit. Here someone randomly speculated “hey what if she’s not even pregnant, I bet it’s just a stunt for their reality show” and people are jumping on that going “yeah you can totally tells it’s fake that’s so true”.

    If it were a stunt to garner more attention for their reality show, they’d actually get a lot more of a stir by dragging it along, dedicating a whole season to having trouble conceiving or something. I heard they were planning to adopt a baby and say Dani gave birth to it before anyone caught on…. PLEASE. A whole storyline involving adoption, coming to the decision to adopt, going through the motions with an adoption agency… that would be even BETTER for their show. So no, that doesn’t make sense either.

  • emjonas23

    “Love dani and baby girl”

    Awwww… SWEET! <3