Joe Jonas ‘Touchy Feely’ W/ Model In Miami

Via Miami Herald: Continuing his liberation-from-the-band bender taking him to Baoli, LIV and SL on Thursday, Joe Jonas, staying in the penthouse suite at The Riviera on South Beach, was seen Friday night at the Mondrian for a party hosted by British singer and part time Mondrian resident Craig David. Afterward, at the ungodly hour of 4 AM, Jonas and friends stopped by Maxine’s Bistro & Bar at The Catalina Hotel for a late night meal before his early morning flight back to LA.

Our spy tells us that while Jonas was nice to fans, he tried to stay under the radar, ‘politely denying requests for photos and not drinking the entire night.’ As for any amorous behavior despite the absence of his model girlfriend, we were told, ‘There was a girl with him who was a model but not his girlfriend. She was very touchy feely with him and wasn’t happy that there were others hanging out with them in the group.’ Jonas was also seen Friday (‘breaking news,’ quipped a publicist, ‘Joe Jonas drinks iced tea’) with friends at Bianca at the Delano.

  • ghngj

    well i hope joe jonas broke up with blanda because she is a famewhore

    • j

      I pray to God for that. Joe deserves someone much better. but now he needs to focus on his career and stay away from the drug dealer and satan worshiper.
      If the mysterious girl is Chloe, I’m happy for Joe because she is very cute and looks like a nice person unlike the toxic cougar .

  • GentileJewel

    She was touchy feely! Not him! I wonder which model? I hope he broke up!

  • JJ456

    Can you blame her?I wonder what’s up with him & Blanda. All those nasty rumors about him, her & them can’t be easy on their relationship. I don’t want him to be alone during this time, he needs REAL friends & family who support him.

    • GentileJewel

      He doesn’t have real friends or family!:(

  • emjonas23

    I think, the girl is Chloe Llyod who is Paul Phamous’ girlfriend. Am I right?

    • m

      I don’t know if the Joe’s new girl is Chloe or not but Chloe is 21, I don’t think she is Paul’s girlfriend.

      Glad to know Joe had fun and good company. I heard that he was seen with a cute girl in the hotel where he was staying in Miami.