Justin Bieber Slams Record Label Def Jam

justin-bieber-graffiti-rioo (9)Lil Bieby is upset that ‘Bad Day’ didn’t debut at #1 on iTunes. He Tweeted then deleted: ‘Wish def jam would work harder on my project labels are shady. beliebers should work at my record label :) good promoting fans.’ Do YOU think that Bieber is fading?

UPDATE: Swaggy pictured doing graffiti in Rio De Janeiro today!

  • Belieber 2.0

    Someone needs to slap him right across the face, maybe that will make his ego go away.

    • daisy

      why? because he’s upset his own label won’t promo for him? thats retarded shut up

      • onedayonetime

        Don’t use retarded as an insult, and if Justin has an issue with his label then he needs to be professional and handle it like an adult privately instead of acting like a whiney child on twitter.

      • daisy’s ignorance

        No need to argue with someone who just used “retarded” as an insult.

  • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

    If his label didn’t do its job, that’s one thing, but Justin isn’t as popular as he used to be.

    • RegReach

      there was alot of big releases recently he can go number 1 ever week if he gonna release a new danm song every week get over himself

  • yup

    His new songs just really aren’t that great. I don’t think he’s fading it’s just his image is retarded now. Most of his fans are pop loving teeny boppers. This urban r&b thing isn’t selling

    • yeahalexa

      Must you utilize the ‘r’ word?! So disrespectful.

  • boystan

    Yes, he is. My queen Gags slaying yass!

  • Kayleigh

    He’s losing his career… He’s not making the right decisions

  • live.love.learn.

    Well when you make shitty decisions and shitty music, I wouldn’t expect any less.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Soml didn’t as well its normal and also 1D hardly do any promo now

    • ur mom

      actually SOML did !

      • Duckyhoward15

        It didn’t become number one in uk and this is a fact so

    • Rania

      SOML was perfection… just saying. Not a Directioner though, I am a total Selenator but when credit is due…

  • Boo


  • Lee-Anne Velazquez

    No star stays big forever.. He had his time and now that new artists are coming in who are “pure” & young he is losing his fan base because they are taking the spot light. No parent wants their kids listening to music of artist who aren’t doing the right thing! I’m 26 and my daughter who’s 9, loves Justin. He hasn’t been in the media for good reasons and I really don’t want my daughter viewing things like that.Yes, I am a young mother and I understand that he’s a teen but he should realize he has kids who look up to him. He shouldn’t be smoking or going around having sex or being rude. He should think about his mom and try to change. The way he came is definitely not the way he is now. He acts like he’s all grown… If he keeps it up, he’s going to end up in Rehab.

  • Elle

    Looks like someone is starting to get a reality check. Also he would have to go up against eminem so I doubt he would’ve hit no 1 anyway

  • YASSS!

    Thank the Lord he’s finally fading! PRAISE

  • Em

    artists are in such a rush to grow up but don’t realize they are loosing a HUGE chunk of their fans that way. Sure he’s got his beliebers, but even some of them have given up on him. As much as he urges everyone to “keep it about the music” in reality people don’t see him as a child anymore but they dont take him seriously as an adult either. Justin does have the talent, that is what made him famous. Because he hit it big with EVERYONE. Not just teens and younger people. I am sure many adults bought his music cause it got a lot of airplay. Now that he acts like an idiot adults arent taking him seriously and because he is trying to be maturing always being shirtless, gong to strip clubs singing lyrics like “that thing is swollen” many parents of younger kids just arent in to him for their kids. Justin needs to realize he cannt change without it affecting his sales. Sure everyone grows up you cant blame him, but he cant expect to change and nothing else to change with him. Its not his labels fault but really maybe it isnt his either.

  • Amanda

    did he really expect to go number 1 when eminems new album just dropped? no way jose

  • cortnie

    Eminem…. That’s why he’s not number one. & plus who is he anymore? Justin career is slowly flushing down the toilet

  • JUG

    I think Miley & Justin have created a backlash against the “out of control” or “bad boy/girl” popstar. While it may have been cool a year ago, people are getting a bit tired of the anything goes/”I’ll do whatever the fuck I want because I’m an artist” attitude of these former teen idols. This has hurt Bieber and I believe ultimately Miley although the public never seems to tire of young girls behaving as porn stars.

    Perhaps the best indication that being “bad” and oversexed is now out? Look at what Selena Gomez is doing. Look how she is not so subtly mentioning in every article that she’s proud to be the girl. How the music is most important to her. Selena is the master at bending and shaping herself into whatever trend is hot and popular. If Selena is presenting herself publicly as good and as being most concerned about the music, I’m pretty sure “good” will be the popular trend in the next 6-18 months. Bad news for Miley and Justin.

    • JUG

      Typo! *she’s proud to be the good girl.

  • .

    This is his fault in a way and his fans have admitted it. Some of his fans can not afford to buy his songs every fucking week. Every month? More than likely but not every week.
    He did hit #1 OU but didn’t stay, I guess he should be happy he’s still even in the top ten. He should have listened and took a break like his friends, family, fans & some celebs were telling him to do. He should have went home to Canada and gave the Americans a break because they are starting to seriously hate him. It’s silly but it’s the truth and he needs to face it.
    It’s time to give himself a full break. ALL high profiling celebrities have hit this mark and the ones that are successful now had enough sense to take a break.

    He’s been in our faces almost everyday since 2009. This will help his career and give him time to rethink things and come back the way he should.

  • Geo. Logic

    Justin, maybe it isn’t Def jam that’s the problem. Maybe it’s that people are seeing how much of a bitch ass punk you are and don’t like you.

    • .

      How would you know he’s a “bitch ass punk”? Are you a judgmental asshole?

  • Julia

    haha maybe it’s not that he’s label isn’t promoting he’s “projects” maybe he’s “projects” are just shit? has he ever thought of that. Boy needs to go over himself. Not every artists goes to #1 with every track. jheeze.

  • Lucy

    It’s all about music, sorry… money…

  • Alyssa Joy

    He’s not fading. He said it himself it’s just the begging. Apart from Bad Day, all his other Music Mondays songs were #1 in charts. But I think what’s really wrong is that media is making him look bad. He’s a nice guy. He’s just focused on the music. And making his fans or Beliebers happy.

  • Anna

    If u think Justin Bieber is fading ur dead wrong lol he has new songs every monday out, his new movie is coming out in december, his tour is not finished yet, etc

  • dominique

    great role model.