Kylie Jenner Flaunts Breasts Instagram

kylie-jenner-breasts (3)Reality star Kylie Jenner, 16, shows off her breasts for Instagram followers.

  • wow

    too much

  • Why

    Didn’t she just turn 16?? Whats wrong with this world

  • Ty

    Wow 16?i though she was 36 year old she is lie about her age nobody can be 16. and be like that she looks like a young woman

    • ghgfh

      yeah i thogh that too if anybody sees her they say that she is 36 or 38 or something

  • Ee

    Hahaha oh wow I am laughing so hard anybody can laugh about her age haha 16? Can’t be

  • Kk

    Oh wow I am a young adult and I am look more young then her everybody can be fun of her she looks like woman

  • Ghhj

    Well that means when she is 25 year old she gonna look like 50 year old haha

  • Jen

    She’s a Kardashian why is everyone even surprised

  • Jen

    Also Kendalls pictures are even worse and she barely turned 18 two days ago. This isn’t even bad compared to hers

    • Bae

      Um actually kendall isnt showing off her tits & ass like kylie does. Just check out kylies bikini pics.
      Plus kylie posts pic like this since shes 15. kendall since 17

  • Dara

    Lol what breasts? I have seen clothes like that with the built in push up bra. That’s obviously what she has on.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    I hate to admit it but I swear she gives me life tho

  • ashleyofcourse

    Oh kylie. You’re too young. Isn’t that illegal?
    I feel like I’m watching child porn….lmfao

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I’m just confused… she and her sister look flat chested as fuck in the show. And then all of a sudden they look plump as F. I don’t even see a push up bra of any kind.

  • boystan

    those are big

  • oop

    Kim K def had a big influence on this youngin…

  • Wtf

    I am deeply disturbed…

  • LAChris08

    She is a model. Models usually are fairly overt with their assets. Kinda normal. Besides, i see girls dressed sexy walking our of high schools. And the girls at my college are sexy as hell. Get with the 21st century, women are allowed to flaunt their sexuality without being judged, or at least in most modern nations…Guess in the US we are kinda going the wrong way…

    • ashleyofcourse

      idc what century we’re in. a 16 year old walking around in that should be frowned upon.
      and college girls are legal, whereas kylie just had her 16th bday.

  • Bae

    Those pics are nothing, yall should see her bikini pics or her others.
    Since she got these huge boobs shes showing em off everytime she can.
    Typicial kardashian

  • Julia

    No offence but her books look fake, no womans/girls whatever boobs are that perfectly rounded and even…either shes had a boob job or that dress has an amazing built in bra. I also think was there any point to wearing that dress? she might as well just put on a bikini.

  • Anjon

    She’s 16 and she looks like she had a boob job already hahaha