Lorde ‘I Wash My Hair Once Every 2 Weeks’

lorde-goth-shoesLorde told MTV that she likes goth shoes and her hair maintenance tips: ‘My hair is wild, I wash it not every often. Once every two weeks. Swim in the sea for salty hair.’ Lorde told The Sun that she ended up in hospital to receive treatment for a kidney infection: ‘I’ve been so poorly that I missed out on my success in the UK. I was vomiting for days with a fever, so I’m just glad I made it over to the UK.’

Lorde: ‘When I meet a bunch of girls my age, I find that stressful as I’m just a high school student myself. I feel intimidated by them. But meeting people like Kanye West, people who are into what you do and understand about having a vision, I can relate to.

He is so driven and has such a unique way of seeing things. I’d love to work with him or Prince. Meeting Prince would be such an honor.’ Will you Twerk like Miley? ‘It’s something I’d never do, I wouldn’t feel confident with my arse out. But if Miley feels comfortable doing it herself then it’s no-one’s business to judge.

If she wants to appear in her bra and panties then it’s cool. Having been in an institution like Disney all her life, it’s important she has fun. For now, it’s not for me. It’s not natural.. Six months ago, no-one knew who I was and now fans chase my car. But I’m never going to change or let fame get the better of me. I’ll never go off the rails like Britney or do an Amy, because my upbringing was so normal.’

  • boo

    Funny how she knows who she can say shit about. She calls herself a feminist and has been taking other people’s crap up her ass, but when it comes to Miley’s antics she knows better than to talk shit and says that her oversexualized image is “cool” and just “having fun.”

    On another note… to weeks? Gross.

    • pandapower415

      so? your not supposed to wash your hair every single day. i don’t wash my hair for 3-4 days to maintain the curls & moisture

      • threelittlebirds

        but would you go two weeks? that’s pushing it by a lot.

        • pandapower415

          true, but i’m pretty sure she uses dry shampoo or baby powder or something!

          • ashleyofcourse

            i doubt it. lol i know it sounds strange but us curly haired girls dont have to wash our hair that often. our natural oils dont flow down the strand very well so our hair will be dry and damaged if we shampooed errrday.
            also our hair doesnt retain dirt and grease like straight hair so another reason why we can get away with not washing for so long.
            i do once a week. some other girls i know do every two weeks like Lorde. some even do once a month….but thats a stretch.

          • pandapower415

            bitch do i look like i give a fuck? stfu with your nonsense bullshit you stupid annoying cunt

          • cerenagee

            woah wtf what a fucking bitch

          • hahah

            do us a favor and commit

      • Cici

        So do I. I have naturally curly hair like Lorde’s. I wash mine maybe twice a week or else my hair gets dry and wont curl right.

      • boo

        No one’s saying you’re supposed to wash your hair every single day. What I’m saying is one week is pushing it, and two is downright disgusting.

        • cerenagee

          everybody has different hair types some people cant go a day without washing their hair and some can chill the fuck out

    • Let’s Not

      stfu people with curly hair have different maintenance routines. The curly or kinkier the hair, the less you need to wash it or it wont curl right or will be super dry. >.> so ignorant and judgemental

      • Anna

        My mom has curly hair and she washes it every two days. Seriously 2 weeks is downright gross no matter who you are and what type of hair you have. I am pretty sure you’re the ignorant one in this case.

        • HeyThereDuhhLila

          This isn’t true… there are plenty of hair types that can’t wash their hair very often. The more curly/course your hair is, the less you should wash it. Do your research (seriously go to google right now) and don’t be so ignorant/judgmental. It’s not like she’s walking around with Dandruff & really greasy hair. It’s only gross when your hair gets gross faster than you wash it. I have really curly hair and I can only wash mine once a week, so I believe her. I have friends who have the same wash routine as her and they’re perfectly normal.

        • pandapower415

          some black girls don’t even wash their hair for months! that’s kinda gross.. but i’m pretty sure she uses dry shampoo or something!

          • ashleyofcourse

            hm. do yourself a favor and frequent a curly girl forum website before you post ignorant statements.

          • pandapower415

            why the fuck would i need to research some bullshit i don’t care about????? my black girlfriends don’t wash their hair for months so stfu ashley. your fucking annoying af.

          • cerenagee

            because you’re running your dumbass mouth sounding like an ignorant ass cunt

          • janiceee

            i swear i see you on every post starting a fight with someone… it never fails

          • cerenagee

            I didn’t start this fight hahaha

          • Matt Flanagan

            …. You sound like you’re ten

          • .

            Don’t be so disrespectful. What’s not normal to you can be the complete norm to someone else. It’s not gross, you just don’t have the proper understanding. Inform yourself before you type ignorance.

          • pandapower415

            i said it’s gross that they don’t wash their hair for months. that’s gross for ME. i didn’t say that wasn’t a normal thing

          • Let’s Not

            racist much, such a stupid cunt. Back your statements with facts lol oh you dont have any. Also that is called a conditioner wash and purifier method also known as the curly girl method.

          • pandapower415

            UMMMM excuse me, i have plenty of black girlfriends who don’t wash their hair for months & i find that gross. I DIDN’T SAY BLACK PPL WERE GROSS, you misunderstood my statement you fucking imbecile moron

          • Let’s Not

            so your black gfs represent a billion people of the African diaspora? lol elaborate how that it is. No facts still & you still look stupid, bye!

      • Reina

        I’m black and you are supposed to wash your hair once a week, because even if it doesn’t look greasy it will smell.

    • Matt Flanagan


  • dlovCyr

    Enough already, her music is good but she is so god damn annoying with this self image shit.

  • RegReach

    Burn your bra while your at it bitch

  • HeyThereDuhhLila

    Only people with really fine/thin hair who have to wash their hair every other day would find this unbelievable. There are plenty of people out there who only wash their hair once a week or every 2 weeks b/c otherwise their hair would dry out or not curl properly. Go to google and look it up.

  • ashleyofcourse

    girl, you lost me at ‘do an Amy’.
    like she did die you know….

  • Lou

    ok now this is gross

  • Random

    Ya know… Does she remind anyone else of the ‘Darlene’ character from the show Roseanne? Haha random but the but the outfit she’s wearing in the picture reminded me of her.

  • Matt Flanagan

    This whole thing sounds mtv fake

  • delfie

    LMAO YALL ACK LIKE YALL HAIR EXPERTS! STFU AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN THIN ASS HAIR. Black ppl wash they hair maybe every 10-14 dayso stfu. Everybody hair type is different! I hate people who think they know everything and arent een experts. She the famous one getting money so doubt she gives ONE fuck about your opinions

  • Dohnutz

    Lorde. More like Cunte.