Miley Apology Letter To Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus wrote Liam Hemsworth an emotional note apologizing for her wild antics and raunchy behavior following their split in September. Source told The Sun: ‘As time has gone on and the anger subsided, Miley has really started to feel the pain of the split.

She thought about writing some songs, but then decided why not write a letter to Liam to tell him exactly how she feels. Miley admitted to Liam she has pushed him away and said sorry for acting so mad.’ Miley has been romantically linked to music producer Mike WiLL Made It and Rolling Stone magazine heir Theo Wenner since ending her engagement, but she admits she still has deep feelings for Liam and wants to meet up with him to sort through their differences.

‘Miley says in her letter she still loves Liam deeply and has asked him to meet up. It could be for closure or it could be to start again, but she just wants to see him and talk things through.’ Do YOU think Miley and Liam should get back to together?


  • RegReach

    That song is nice

  • guest

    This letter stuff is not true. The story was first printed by the Star in England. They, nor anyone else, has printed any quotes from this so called letter, no one in the US has issued their own original story, they have all quoted the star which is quoting a source. This is all made up.

  • cerenagee

    I hope they can work out their differences. I loved Miam when they first got together. I feel like he can really bring her back down to earth and keep her grounded. My favorite Miley was while she was with Liam.

  • :)

    Miley always says she never apologizes for anything. She sure and the hell is not gonna right an open letter to him. Where the fuck do they come up with this shit???

    • cerenagee

      I don’t think it was an open letter. At least thats not how I interpreted it. I thought it was going to be like a private thing which I could see her doing something like that or apology disguised in a song. You never know they did break up and get back together before.

      • :)

        But then again, why should she apologize if he cheated?

        • cerenagee

          Very true.

  • Cici

    If it was true, it is interesting how once she has dropped her album and got what she wanted out of it, she is ready to settle back down….making it obvious it was all to sell her albums.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    No. Liam deserves an actual woman, and not some skank ass who prances around in her underwear. I used to adore Miley, now she’s nothing more than walking trash.

    • GentileJewel

      Go! Girl!

  • veronica

    no man deserves to be with that….. is there even a name for it?