Selena Gomez Unbelievably Cute Baby Pic

selena-baby-picselenagomez @pmdeleon22 and I when we were just tots. The dinosaur on Priscilla’s shirt was the show that ended up being my first job ever, that then lead me to where I am today. Being home made me remember that ANYONE can achieve their dreams.

No matter who you are, where you are from and what you want to do with your life. Please never give up. I love you all for believing in me. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU. + more Instagrams!

  • Swiftiexoxo06

    she was an ugly baby lol

    • A

      I ask to see your baby pictures, let’s laugh together. She’s cute.



  • anonymous

    ‘unbelievably cute’ i’ve seen actual cute baby pics of selena but in this instance i had to laugh lol

  • nina

    what a title !! all kids are cute when they were babies except the one next selena , not good look for a child

  • yo:

    Selena and her cousin looks like this on this picture hahahahaha



    • boystan


  • Jen

    ahahha weird youd think she would be the cutest baby ever considering how beautiful she was at every other age. its ok though cause she perf now but omg lolololol

  • boystan

    3 days till i see the mexican madonna

  • Rania

    Lol… those ears…

    You knwo that baby that is not good looking but is totally cute… that is Selena… lol
    Love the cute smile.