Selena, ‘My Hip Tattoo Is A Bible Verse’

selena-gomez-bibleHip tattoo means: ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’.

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  • JUG

    Selena is such a good girl. She’s a real breath of fresh air in today’s music business. We need more good young singers who are all about the music rather than phoney romances, flashing skin and pedestrian dance moves.

    • Y’all be trippin!

      You must have raided Miley’s pot stash if you think Selena Gomez fits your above description.

      • JUG

        Whether she in fact fits that image is irrelevant. Her publicist is doing a fantastic job of portraying her like the good girl who is only concerned about making good music and being a positive role model for young people. Trust me, that image will make Selena very popular next year as people tire of all the bad girls. Even Katy Perry is backing off from all the sex she used in the past. Good is now in. Selena saw it first and she is quickly adopting the good girl image.

        • :)

          Good music, huh!!!! lmao at this whole comment.

    • trying

      phoney romance well selena toy with bieber for fame that not very Christian like or good girl hooking up with it guys, good music wll she lips sing because she cant keep a tune and she stealing from her fans because they come to see her sing not lipsinch, two she not a very good role model she butty hop on stage and she gets touched by her dance in provocative moves and she sing about having sex with a man and how she will like to get fucked that so classy NOT! she dresses like miley,,but just because she a hypocrite doesn’t make her a good role model. she just dresses ok, because she has copied miley outfits right after her, the difference is people pick on miley and not selena. anything miley does is huge bevcause she has more fans, selena is overlook because people don’t really know her like miley. but she has done more questionable things, such as songs about sex when she singing to kids and still with the Disney company,an almost porn movie with spring breaker,breaking the law by dating a minor at the time and having sex with him,getting caught getting finger touch,breast and ass touch in public by her boyfriend, her throwing pictures of her drinking, things miley hasn’t been caught doing!!!

      • Cici

        Idk about all of that…some of that is just shallow thinking. Nobody knows the details of her life nor her relationship with Beiber. What was obvious, what they did mean alot to each other. Beiber did not handle the breakup that well, and she learned from it. But…I will say her songs have just enough modesty to be portrayed anyway. Some can see them in a sexual way, and some can see them as having fun & dancing & whatnot. There really is no need to hate on her.

  • javi g

    i think she should go on the good lords path. and leave hollywood. there are too many bad people. too many drug addicts and sinners. she should keep going to blible studies and church more. believe me you look for the lord and you will feel better. trust me.

    • ashleyofcourse

      from one Christian to another i just want to remind you that we are all sinners.

      ” believe me you look for the lord and you will feel better.”

  • Raina

    She reminds me of myself at that age…

  • .

    That’s funny, I have the same scripture tattoo in french on my inner arm.

  • boystan

    2 DAYS YAS

  • ety

    hey remember the rumor that she’s gonna change religion? Haha

  • Mona__lisa

    “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” Selena you hypocrite you do wrong from what the bible says. not so miss perfect I wouldnt take you home to my pet goldfish never mind my parents. You’re going to burn in hell selena!!!