• Cassi101ful

    waaaaay better than selena cover, selena should just stay with acting, if she want to be a great singer, i advise her to get herself a vocal coach like REALLY ASAP! D: Like dont get me wrong i love her and im a fan of her since day one on WOWP but she really need to realize backup singers wont make her a great singer, so dissapointed anyways i love demi voice <3

    • Ricardo

      Why are you talking about Selena in a Demi’s post? :|

  • Ninjya


  • Anon

    Upon listening, I only heard Demi as having one real solo line – the one she’s singing above. I think she’s a girl with a really powerful voice, but she just kind of fell flat, her voice quivering quite a bit. It was disappointing because she has more potential.To me it felt like she was overthrown by the other voices here; if it wasn’t for her solo she wouldn’t have even stood out on JUST the song without the video. Shame.

  • liz

    her voice seems to be returning back to how it was when she recorded her first two albums which makes me SO happy. for the past couple years, it started to sound really harsh and deepened.