Miley ‘Packing For Amsterdam W/ Cheyne’

miley-amsterdam Miley told Ryan Seacrest that she loved Harry Styles dressing as her for Halloween: ‘I think Harry might have been one of my favorites. Those shorts were very revealing, I told him he could have the ‘OG’ foam finger, but he was in Tokyo. On her foam finger: ‘The guy who invented the foam finger was mad ..I think he felt like I disrespected his creation [somehow], but he should be happy because he probably sold more foam fingers!’

At a Halloween party ‘I went out and I was standing on the couch looking over the whole crowd and I saw a million people as me. That definitely says something if someone looks at it and knows. It’s that memorable, I think that’s really crazy.’

On celebrating her 21st birthday on Nov. 23: ‘I will be at the [American Music Awards] rehearsals, which is going to very exciting and turnt up!Exactly where everyone wants to be on their 21st birthday, but actually, for me, is like the best birthday present ever because I get to perform at the AMAs.’

Literally my whole life is revolving around this tour right now. Diane Martel and I, we’re putting together this tour that’s going to be insane. The minute you step into my arena, the whole thing feels like your a part of this crazy different world and you step in to a show the minute you walk in the door, rather than it being a show when I come onstage. I just want the whole arena to always have a vibe and it to be fun and be a totally different experience and nothing that’s obviously traditional.’

On Kanye: ‘“We met up after the VMAs. He actually came and he watched my rehearsal for the VMAs and he was like, ‘You’re going to do something kind of insane tonight. It’s going to be memorable and awesome.’ And was really into it. I had wanted to go out after, but we had decided to go into the studio and we started working and my whole thing is no matter what I do,

I just want to be around people that really believe in me. And that’s why him and I started working together.’ When will song be released? ‘Not 100% sure right now. Kanye just started his tour, so let him get out on the road and everything and then after that.’

  • cerenagee

    She looks really weird in this picture. Idk what it is

    • Cici

      Her face looks puffy..i think thats it

      • :)

        I can’t figure it out either, but I love that her hair is getting longer.

        • cerenagee

          I miss her long hair I was so jealous of it

      • cerenagee

        I think it may be her high eyes lol

  • :)

    She’s so cute!!!! I love that outfit!

  • Cici

    So is he gay? Cause they honestly would be cute together….if they both werent so destructive with their lives lol.

  • Clauber

    She looks so beautiful

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