Alleged Prostitute On Bieber’s Penis Size

CRITICA interview with one of Justin Bieber‘s alleged prostitutes in Panama: ‘I slept with Justin Bieber and he paid me over $ 500. We were about to close. Then came two black guys, his bodyguards, and began inspecting the place.

They took our bags and cell phones. Justin came running with a black hood and went to the bathroom. Then went out and IT WAS HIM.’ Interviewer: How many girls went with Justin?
He chose ten. They took us in their car to the hotel. There was so much emotion it was incredible. Interviewer: Are you a fan of him? Obviously! He is a papacito.

Interviewer: What happened in the room? He gave me kisses on the forehead and nose, and we were smoking weed. He said in English that if I wanted his cum, but I did not understand English. My friend of mine was translating. Interviewer: How big is he? Not too big or too small. I think more or less. Average. It wasn’t WOW!

Interviewer: What positions? I wanted to do everything with him. I put in all positions, in four.. What more can I say ?Interviewer: Where did he cum? In my breasts. Interviewer: How long was it? About an hour. We left the hotel about 5:00 in the morning. He gave me $500 because I was the one who was with him. We all left with tickets. The other dancers were with him. Then they took us to the club and gave us all our belongings.

Interviewer: What did he said about Panama? I do not speak English. Just smoked and laughed. I kept telling him he was ‘beautiful’, because he is. I know some friends from another club also saw him because he was there, but did not take any girl.

Did you enjoy the experience? It was delicious. It was delicious, not every day one is with a celebrity, let alone a person like him . Interviewer: Are you going to the concert? No, because I have to work. But I was with him , and that’s better than the concert.