Miley Could Die Drug Use W/ Tachycardia

vintonMiley Cyrus, who suffers from tachycardia, a heart condition which friends say is being made worse by her constant partying. Source told Heat magazine: ‘Miley’s issue is basically benign, provided she leads a sober life. The problem is, she doesn’t. She’ll smoke most nights out and she makes no secret of her fondness of certain recreational pursuits. Miley thinks she’s in control but she’s not. Her attitude towards drugs reflects that.

She has horrific mornings after, which are more like days. After the ‘Bangerz’ [album] launch party she stayed in bed with her dogs for a couple of days just getting her strength back.

Miley thinks she’s found the formula for success: being outrageous and ridiculously sexual, so she’s going to keep doing it. But she’s not got the stamina to keep it up. Madonna is ridiculously fit and a genius at giving the impression she’s having a wild time, when in fact she’s in bed by 9 PM’.

  • cerenagee

    If that’s true about her heart and the partying making it worse I really hope she gets help. That would be so sad and such a waste of talent if something happened to her because of drugs

    • lols

      Unfortunately it’s true, I’ve heard Miley herself say in an interview since the beginning of Hannah Montana that she found out she had tachycardia when in a Hannah show she started to throw up and feel bad. Since then, she started to take care of her health, but now… Oh well.

      • cerenagee



    help he nicky :)

  • guest

    Great, another doctor who has never met nor treated M8iley is giving medical advice. I am guessing that the only thing he knows about her he has read in the tabloids. Any competent doctor wouldn’t attempt to do this, but money speaks I guess. I wouldn’t trust this guy to diagnose the period at the end of the sentence.

    • cerenagee

      Idiot. Drugs make most health problems worse. Molly makes a healthy persons health decline so no shit if she has a heart condition it’ll make it worse. Its a concern idiot.

    • threelittlebirds

      you don’t need to be a doctor to know that drugs could make heart conditions or any health condition worse, it’s called common sense.

    • guest

      The point is to not base your statements about her risk and what she should do on guesswork. He doesn’t know what she does and should not base his statements about her or what she should do on what has appeared In a magazine or on a website. Know before you make statements like his. Don’t guess.

  • :)

    Would really like to know who this source is that keeps talking to these tabloids.

  • adri

    lets start a trend guys #Pray4Miley!

  • Alii

    That’s very scary. But she’s been fine up until this point, as long as she doesn’t start doing other drugs or mixing those drugs with alcohol which she WILL. It’s inevitable. That might end badly.

    • :)

      Exactly. I would rather her smoke weed than anything else. People bitch and complain because she smokes weed, but she does have a medical card because she suffers from anxiety and migraines.

      And the blue light has a calming affect on ones mind & body.

  • getlikemiley

    Load of bullshit. I mean yeah drugs aren’t great for your body, but people will say anything to bring up miley and how bad the things she does is. WE ALL DO BAD SHIT. GET OVER IT.

    • cerenagee

      this is not at all to bring her down. its an article of concern

      • getlikemiley

        I never said it was to bring her down. I’m saying people are always bringing up stuff that they believe is harmful to her. it’s annoying.

        • cerenagee

          chaa feel

  • bosco

    she doesn’t give a shit so why should anybody else. she wouldn’t know good advice if it crawled up her ass.