Selena Gomez Slow Down X-Factor Live

  • cerenagee

    she sounds great <3

    • party

      just so you know she don’t sing live she lipsych because she don’t have the vocals to sing and dance if you call that dancing is her jumping, half of the time her feet are stuck to the ground and she plays with her hands like a child.
      oh wait am talking to someone who clueless about singing I just saw your name my bad why I bother with someone so ignorant about music.

      • cerenagee

        fuck off foreigner. i’m tired of you attempting to start fights with me. you can clearly here that thats her real voice.

  • po

    sure use a bunch of dancers and a lot of light so simon doesn’t notice the lack of vocals she has!, some of the people on x factor has way better voice than her!
    also I knew she became friend with demi again to used her she uses all the people she become friends with! taylor she gained fame from her even sang in taylor concert, she also did it by bringing bieber to her concert and singing so she gets more people to come over this girl just uses everyone, why are people so blind stop giving her fame people, taylor, Justin,demi etc don’t be stupid and fall for her tricks.