Selena ‘I Sound Awful Singing Sometimes’

selena-make-a-wishdavid-selenaSelena Gomez also can’t live without Marie Calendar’s chicken pot pie. Listen below! Do YOU think that Selena sounds awful singing sometimes? Selena was granted with Chris Greicius Celebrity Award from Make A Wish for her unwavering support for granting wishes for children with life-threatening medical conditions.

President:’A wish-come-true helps wish kids feel better and in some cases get better. Celebrities, like Selena, can make a very real, lasting impact on wish kids’ ability to handle and overcome the medical challenges they face.’

+ beautiful Phoenix concert pictures + meet & greets. More HERE!

  • threelittlebirds

    her singing is either hit or miss, just like any other artist.

    • ty

      no she is not

      • threelittlebirds

        she is not what??

  • alysha

    I agree that sometimes she’s not the best singer live and i love her. It’s big of her though to say that she knows she’s not good sometimes.

  • cerenagee

    I love that she admits her flaws and doesn’t try to seem perfect

  • XaskTaylorX

    And whoever just reads the title may just say she is horrible in general. Selena is alright at singing in my opinion…

  • Sometimes?

    • Sophie Lou

      came here to say the same thing!

      • ijustneedyounow


  • asdfghjklloiuy

    not sometimes, honey. ALL. THE. TIME.

    • ijustneedyounow

      i love you <3

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “Do YOU think that Selena sounds awful singing sometimes?” LOL is that a real question?

    But it’s cute that she acknowledges it which makes her so humble.

  • toepwm

    “sometimes” my fucking sides

  • in jesus name i pray amen


    • cerenagee

      haahaa perf

  • Rosemary


  • looool

    “Do YOU think that Selena sounds awful singing sometimes?”
    Nope, i don’t think she sounds awful singing sometimes… i think SHE SOUNDS AWFUL SINGING ALWAYS!!
    but i like her “half” honesty :)))

  • guest

    EVERYONE knows she can’t sing. Her fans even admit it. And try to cover it by saying she’s pretty and nice because as you know that has everything to do with ones music ability

  • JUG

    As Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana would sing, Nobody’s Perfect. Selena’s ok. There are actually very few young girls or guys who can sing well consistently. Voices are still maturing. Plus, unless they’ve been training their voices from an early age, most 21 year olds are still perfecting their vocal technique. It is not beyond the realm of possibility for Selena to sing like Celine Dion by the time she’s 27/28. I would love to hear her cover My Heart Will Go On. Give her a chance to develop as a vocalist.

    • Kay

      Jug hunty,
      Selena can’t sing. She couldn’t years before this concert, she can’t sing today, and I’m willing to bet she still gonna sound like ass in the near and far future. Stop making excuses. She can’t sing.

      • :)

        i was gonna say the exact same thing. thank you

      • JUG

        Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera did not reach their vocal peaks until their late 20’s. Like I said, give Selena some time.

        • Sophie Lou

          sure, but their voices was already waaaay better when they were 21 like Selena

        • Jen

          omg do NOT compare Selena to Celine Mariah or Christina. Even before they hit their peaks they still sounded good. Someone who sings for a living doesn’t get an excuse for being a bad singer. Selena can’t sing and no amount of time is gonna change that

    • Ee

      sorry but celine dion is not 27 or 28 she is in her 40’s or 50’s

    • Ee

      those people in that age can sing good

  • Courtney

    in my opinion.. if she wasn’t an actor beforehand and part of disney and all that sort of stuff, she definitely wouldn’t have a singing career. she’s only got it because she got fans from those things and obviously they are dedicated (some obsessed ha) and thats how she’s sells her music. a couple of songs on her new album are good, she’s growing up, however they are highly processed. and when she sings at live concerts, the backing track is so loud that you can’t even really hear her.. so obviously she knows she can’t sing… so i don’t really understand why she wants a music career when she knows that and she doesn’t even write 99% of the songs on her records. OKAY? stick to acting.

    • and

      I LOVE U!!

  • tbh

    She sounds awful singing all the time. Sorry but it’s the truth!

  • WWETitle

    Better then Tranny Gaga!

  • CharmingMonster