Austin ‘Just Friends W/ Selena Right Now’

austin-selenaAustin Mahone revealed to J-14: ‘Right now we’re just friends. I’ve hung out with her a couple times, she was in Miami for her show, so she invited me out to come watch it. It was incredible, she killed the show.

It’s good to have somebody to talk to about the industry. I ask her about songs and advice about other things. She’s just a cool person. The bad about dating another celeb is you probably wouldn’t see each other that much because you’re both really busy traveling and doing all this other stuff,

But what’s good about it is you can talk to them about what’s going on and you have someone you can relate to about the industry and you have someone who can help you through it in case you’re going through a tough time.’ Austin said that his relationship with Camila Cabello was just a rumor!


  • Zainaib

    Right now…girl when I’m 18 and you’re 23,,, its gonna go down… Lmfao…

    • xoxo

      He will be 18 in April.

      • Zainaib

        yeah, he seems somuch younger than her though.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “Right now we’re just friends.” He’s cute but I don’t think she’s ever going to be interested. I think she’s done dating boys.

    • anonymous

      like you, she’s not mature enough for men yet

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Bitch, don’t type shit to me.

      • cerenagee

        you’re straight crayy

  • cerenagee

    what a cute thought austin lol

  • dfei

    haha i met him this summer in miami. im 21. he’s very cute but i wouldnt date him. hes so young and not mature enough. anyway they would make a cute couple