Demi, ‘It Was Awesome Seeing Selena’

selena-san-diego-goddess-pix (2998)Flawless pictures of Selena in San Diego! Demi Lovato revealed on how it was having Selena here for the day: It was really awesome! We didn’t really get to see each other for the whole day. People assume that since you’re in the same building that you get to spend the whole day with each other but that’s not really the case. But we did get to spend some time together which was great because she’s one of those people who will always be in your life. It was really really awesome.

We read a quote recently that said you wanted to have kids are some point: Oh my god! Never ever say that if you’re a celebrity in the industry because you say it in one magazine and now it’s everywhere! Yes EVENTUALLY I would love to have kids but that’s in like a 5-10 year plan! That’s not tomorrow.

Any new hair colors as the season goes? I don’t know. The dangerous thing about being so impulsive with hair color is at some point it’s gonna fall off! So if I could I would probably have a different color every single day.

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  • boystan

    i was there yas she slayed

  • cerenagee

    Selena fucking killed it last night