Miley ‘Touchy Feely’ W/ Morgan O’Connor

On Oct. 26, Lindsay Lohan partied with Miley Cyrus, drinking vodka until they closed down the 1OAK night club and headed to Lindsay’s place for an after party. Miley arrived with two bodyguads in tow, and it didn’t take long for Lindsay to boast about her new place: ‘When people complimented it she said, ‘Yes, it’s amazing. Thanks, Oprah!’

Joints were passedaround but Lindsay stuck to drinking only vodka as she made eyes at her current crush, Ralph Lauren model Morgan O’Connor. The night ended when slutty Miley got touchy-feely with Mogan: ‘Miley was loving it, which infuriated Lindsay.’ Once Miley noticed Lindsay’s glares, she made her exit at 6:30 AM.

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    WTF is this BS???? OU, you really have to be hard up. Sounds like a 6yr. old wrote this crap.