Miley Wrecking Ball Strawberry Dress



    bringin down da house!

  • Queen

    Literally perfect

  • dimplez

    The fact that she’s pulling a gaga/perry says a lot. She has amazing vocals by the way

  • Cici

    She looked like she felt so awkward during the interview lol…but she looks cute.

    • disqus_RBfFI2xgSN

      German interviewer make US celebs always feel awkward lmao

  • :)

    Stellar performance!!!!! Damn that vocal range.

  • threelittlebirds

    I like that she wears something different every time she performs this. But I don’t get the strawberries..

    • :)

      She said in an interview a few days ago with MTV that she likes strawberries. So I guess that’s why she wore that outfit. It’s cute!!!

  • Alii

    She needs to practice singing in that octave some more, sounds painful and shouty. Nice outfit! Why the bunssssss.

  • Mimi


  • anon

    nick covers Lana Del Rey suddently MIley quotes Lana. #nileycode

  • no offense

    sorry but she looked ugly. the outfit, the clown make up and those fucking buns. i like her the best with simple make up and simple clothing plus i dont get what’s all the fuss with this girl’s scratchy country voice. i probably like it better auto tuned. sorry that’s just my opinion.