Selena Gomez ‘Bloated In Flaunt Shoot’

SELENA-GOMEZ-BLOATEDSelena Gomez revealed to Us Weekly about FLAUNT photo shoot: ‘I loved it. I really did.. It was actually really fun to step out of my comfort zone. The funny thing is that I was bloated that day. I’m just being very honest. I was very bloated that day. The power of Photoshop, right?

Selena called out Lorde’s critique of ‘Come & Get It': ‘That’s not feminism. [Lorde is] not supporting other women. That’s my honest opinion, that’s what I would say to her if I saw her.’

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  • boystan

    Just got back from her show in SD. SHE FUCKING SLAYED!!!!

    • Silver

      So lucky.

    • cerenagee

      I went too last night! She was amazeballs

    • micheal

      lol you like her lipsyching selena cant sing specially not when she jumping up and down. get a real artist and singer to follow and get some taste.

      • aff
        • bips

          Quantity = not synonym of quality.

          • ya

            that might be true but this proves star power and the fact that her tour isn’t a flop like what her haters say.

      • annoying

        oh and and who gave you the right to decide whether or not someone should like an artist? i get she’s not the most talented but let her fans be and get a life.

  • oop
  • cerenagee

    I fucking love you sel

  • trying

    well, well selena trying to go the miley route as usual copying her what else is knew and I don’t want to hear her fans with their bullshit excuses, she is in her bra next to a naked guy, so I don’t think this is classy, she shouldn’t be preaching classy when she definitely NOT at least miley never preached the classy speech, miley talks about been confident and comfortable in her own skin, while selena is talking about this out of her comfort zone eventually she will copy what miley says as always. she so fake and she such a hypocrite that is pathetic and disgusting how can anyone not see it, there is a lot stupid fans.

    • lil

      Miley never did show her bra. She did show her boob actually and her V. Stupid is the word that define you. lol

    • aff
      • ha!

        Miley= ultimate rihanna/lady gaga copier!!!

    • GhostShadow

      Selena is wearing a skirt and a bra that covers her parts, next to a shirtless not naked guy….Miley is a druggie racist that wore a dress that showed her nipples, everybody has seen what it would be like between Miley’s legs with her V photo shots, she’s whored herself all over Robin Thicke, Justin Bieber and many others in shows…not more private places like photoshoots …as well as Miley is basically fingering herself and grabbing her non existent balls like MJ did everywhere she goes…so you proved yourself as a stupid fan very well since you are blinded by Miley’s slutty acts and cries for attention and try to compare the 2 girls that they aren’t even close to comparison.

    • Mellz89

      Hahahaaa….you are sooo funny to compare selena and miley..selena is classy, even when she didnt wears any bra,she wears clothes. What about miley?being naked is not being confident? What? U suggest all of us starting to act like miley and go around naked to prove that we are confident? Lol nice..

    • cerenagee

      the difference between miley and selena is that selena is doing this for a photoshoot for a small indy film….miley does it in real life moron

  • party

    PREACH RT @snooki: So excited for Miley’s performance @mtv !!! I hope she kills it and pisses everyone off again

  • party

    Miley’s EMA performance will be out of this world! The theme is aliens!

    • ana

      wrong post

  • JUG

    Good for Selena for calling out Lorde. Lorde is so obviously borrowing the Avril Lavigne schtick from 2004 that it’s both funny and embarrassing. Remember when Avril tried to stand out from the Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson crowd by pretending to be a rebel “punk” artist and mocking Britney and Jessica’s use of skin? So funny for those who have the historical knowledge. Lorde is Avril Lavigne 2.0. I would respect Lorde if she just let her music speak for itself instead of trying to get attention by attacking popular artists.

  • XaskTaylorX

    “The power of Photoshop, right?‘ – Selena Gomez.
    “I wouldn’t want to be anyone else.” – Selena Gomez. Teehee. She is still pretty without all of that photo shopping.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “That’s not feminism. [Lorde is] not supporting other women. That’s my honest opinion, that’s what I would say to her if I saw her.’”
    You can tell her that all you want Sel but that’s not what feminism is about. It has nothing to do with that actually. It’s about women having equal rights as men. And Lorde never tore her down. I just don’t understand why she thinks that. Lorde said she loved the song and plays it but didn’t care for the message behind the song. What’s wrong with Lorde having an opinion?

    • lil

      she probably just know what the interviewers tell her and they will exaggerate to get a reaction

  • kk

    Selena just educate herself before talking shit about other artists too. What a dumbass girl. Feminism has NOTHING TO DO with having to support other women, it’d be idiotic to think that, like if women weren’t allowed to expose their opinions about other women or disagree with them. Selena doesn’t allow herself to expose her opinion about other women, so it means everyone should do so? No. People have opinions and Lorde was in no means rude to her. She was not tearing Selena, the artist, down. She was speaking about the SONG and she said the song was nice, just not the message.

    Sorry but Selena really needs to learn how to deal with criticism, because Lorde did a CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, she was not attacking or tearing Selena down. It just shows how Selena can be this little immature child that takes everything too personally, while Lorde, who’s 4 YEARS YOUNGER than her, seems to be way more mature.

    • Anna

      Lorde was rude at first and then tried to fix what she said in an interview. So please don’t act like Lorde is so damn innocent because she is no way. She did trash Selena, but covered it up in an interviewing saying she didn’t. Selena can deal with constructive criticism, she wasn’t even rude in her comment. She just said that she doesn’t think lorde represents feminism and I agree with her. Not trashing or bad mouthing her. She was hurt by the comment Lorde said, anyone would have been.
      And Lorde mature?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. She has a big mouth and is extremely arrogant and cocky. Lorde is the one that needs to get over her self, not selena. Selena isn’t in the wrong here, it makes me laugh when people try to defend someone like lorde and tear down someone like Selena. At least Selena admits she isn’t perfect.

  • guest

    I simply don’t think she deserves thesuccess she has in music. She doesn’t work hard on her music but makes it seem like she took her time with this ecord when really rock mafia did everything. She lip syncs just about every song and she’s a hypocrite for saying she’s not trying to be sexy but her songs are basically about sex and her dance moves are now more sexier or whatever you wanna call it. I tried to give her a chance but she bugs me so much and ugh I can’t wait for her break from music. She is just simply annoying to me and should stick with acting. if anyone deserves a big stadium full of crowded people it is demi lovoto not this flop wannabe

  • S

    Well, she just lost it. Selena did change and I hate that! She lost all of her self dignity and all of her education. Being naked doesn’t mean you’re a grown person! Well my mom is 40 and she never photographed naked so she’s a baby? No, not really.

    The reason I admired Selena is that she’s grounded and respect herself and doesn’t go nuts like Miley or Britney. But I guess she’s on her way there. I am not longer a selenator, and I’m not the only one, because of her crazyness she lost many many many fans.

    She needs to be ashamed of herself! That’s super disgusting and I can’t believe she got to that level.

    On the upper side- Zendaya and Ariana are normal!

    • cerenagee

      Are you crazy? She didn’t lose any dignity or education. This is for a short film! You’re a fucking idiot if you can’t grasp the concept of being an artist.

      • S

        There’s nothing artsy about exposing your body to the whole world to see! That’s not classy at all. An educated girl wouldn’t do that. Modesty, hello! And it doesn’t matter if it’s for a movie or for real life, it’s still something Selena Gomez choses to do- and she’s a real person- so it’s still wrong.
        The real art is in no-naked-no-something-cheap in it.