Taylor, ‘Meredith Gets Mad When I Leave’

taylor-swift-meredithTaylor Swift revealed: ‘Nashville is home, it’s amazing because my parents are here so I miss them when I’m not around and there’s nothing like coming home and being in your own apartment, going to your mom’s house, my cat’s here, stuff like that.

The cat’s called Meredith, she’s more mad, every time I leave for two days I come home and she kind of does a meow version of screaming at me. Does she go to sleep on my suitcase? Yes, I think that’s a universal cat thing.’ Ed Sheeran on Meredith: ‘We get along. Meredith won’t hang out with the dancers but she’ll come and hang out with me.”


  • Duckyhoward15

    Well Cats are like kids so I think its normal :/