Ariana Grande EMA Arrival & Bruno Mars

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Ariana Grande at the EMAs + New gracious hotel photos of her waving to fans! Good morning Amsterdam. Got in a fight with the hotel management because they wouldn’t let me come down to say hi to y’all. They also said I couldn’t wave from the balcony… Oops. I love you guys more than words can express and I’ll always find a way to come see you. See you next trip.

  • anon

    I like the dress, at least it is for her age! The same hair tho…are we sure it is not a wig?

    • Jen

      lmao yeah shes secretly bald

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        I asked myself the same question, but you wouldnt be able to show scalp if you were bald. I think she has hair, but is super insecure with it and so she has loads of extensions clipped-in. The only way she can HIDE the clips are to move her actual hair to cover them like that.

  • Jen

    shes so beautiful and she could do so much with her hair buT SHE JUST WONT

  • allie

    iTunes Netherlands
    Songs: 261. The Way
    Albums: 343. Yours Truly

    The fans and being mobbed are probably stunts to give the impression that she is SO popular there. Why dont book her performance for her at locals tv? It would be more effective.

  • M

    Omg that first picture she looks scary skinny like her arms :O

    • Anna

      She is skinny, but I think that picture is making her look more so than she actually is.

  • getlikemiley

    whoah she looks so thin

  • the

    Here’s my theory: dying her hair red for the role of cat must have damaged her hair not all of it just the front parts that she always has in the ponytail which is why she is insecure about it. It seems like that part of her hair is hard, like stiff. If you look at her old cover videos with red hair, you can see that she’s like kinda conceited looking at herself but she’s confident. In her videos now with her brown hair, she doesn’t so much do that anymore. There’s like a whole shift in terms of confidence. She’s more humble in regards to her looks now and I believe her hair has a lot to do with it. Because now it’s damaged. Do I make sense guys? Lol. I’m trying to explain. :-(

  • Bae

    Am i really the only one who doesnt really like the dress on her?

  • sarah

    The dress doesn’t look good on her, because she’s so small! Now I understand why she wears such ‘tiny’ dresses. I’m not a hater….I mean she is really pretty!! BUT ariana really needs to change her hair, a more softer bouncer hair cut/ colour would look so much better on her. Just saying