Justin Bieber ‘All Bad’ FULL Audio

  • Merp

    This song is fire. Love it!
    Clearly, this song is about Taylor Swift ahahhah

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Justin’s new music doesn’t really do anything for me. I hate him personally, but usually love his music. This album tho… like not feeling it at all.

    • JUG

      The new music is actually pretty good. Definitely a more sophisticated, mature sound. I’ve been trying to figure out why it’s not as popular as his earlier stuff. I think it’s partly because the music does not suit Justin’s voice. When Justin sings to slower tracks, you really hear his voice and it just does not have the depth and richness that the music needs. These are songs that an older guy might be able to pull off, or at least a younger guy with a better voice. His voice has really not improved over the years which is strange conidering all the live shows he’s done the past few years. I guess practice does not make perfect.

      The second reason why I think Justin’s recent songs are not as popular is because there’s a real disconnect between the mature lyrics and Justin’s hard-partying reputation. He probably should have stuck with more fun, light tracks. Also would have suited his voice more.

      • Austin Ames

        I actually think R&B fits him good and when he sings it live it’s great, but you should listen to his covers of Trust Issues or I’ll Be then maybe the Christmas songs he sang live and see his vocals are actually on point, when he sang Usher’s You Got It Bad he didn’t miss one single note he really sang the song good. I think he should have only put more up beats and promote those songs better, lyrics are nice and obviously personal. Not everyone will write and diss their ex-es he chose to simply share his feelings which I respect, he isn’t shading her but is her friends here who talk bad about him I guess.

    • Guest

      I am sorry but how can you hate his personality and you don’t know him? You might dislike his BEHAVIOR. But cannot hate something you don’t know you only read about him dear. And his music might not be good for you or cool enough but is actually very mature and better then his usual. You only like those who you can dance to and are radio friendly, he’s getting personal and that’s it. I even support it, if everyone writes about he can too.

  • Silver

    “Ooh, you know females, And how they like to run their mouths—- ” That awkward moment when 90% of his fans are female.
    I would not download this illegally even if he paid me.
    Repetitive, whiny, terrible lyrics… a dig at Taylor Swift? Taylor is 100 times more the musician that you are kid. Have a seat.

    • Guest

      I am so impressed with your hatred for Bieber that you comment on EVERY post about him. Oh boho you don’t like he is writing about your idol Ms. Gomez? Lol. The fact you are saying it’s wrong for him to do it while everyone’s doing it lately.AND Taylor is by how so much better? Her vocals are NOTHING special, her lyrics are only better. They both play instruments as well, Bieber can even dance better and entertain. YOU Have a damn seat already and stop with your ignorant dumb comments. Thanks.

      • Silver

        Lol… talk about obsessed with Selena… I did not even say anything about her in my comment yet you felt the urge to bring her up… lol @ you.

    • Austin Ames

      She just writes better lyrics, that’s it. Her voice is average just like his, actually he sings better in gospel songs then her and has better control of his breath in many performances while she was just off key. She has Grammy’s wow big deal, Diana Ross never got a Grammy so they don’t mean someone’s so good, Mariah Carey and Whitney have 5 or 6 but Beyonce and Alicia Keys over 15? Does that make them better ? No. Neither do her awards. She can’t dance to save her life neither entertain and perform that good, Bieber on other hand did it many times. They both play instruments, she plays guitar and piano also Bieber and he plays drums. Musician isn’t only someone who’s good at writing songs about whatever. I see you always commenting shit about him so I am not surprised by now but I expected some real arguments not usual bs you comment. He can dig her if he wants, she does it to everyone someone can do it to her too ;) And P.S. I think he means Selena’s female friends darling. Your logic is impressing me.

      • Anon

        But its not just her Grammys (or her very impressive over 185 awards), its everything else too. A million copies of her albums sold in their first week TWICE, and she has been praised by everyone like Mick Jagger, Ozzy Ozbourne, Carly Simon, and Bon Jovi. Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and even the legendary George Strait just presented her an award for all her achievements and influences and she is ONLY 23 years old. She is the number one selling digital artist of all time and has set too many records to count. Her tours are literally the biggest events of the year, with numerous stadium stops. So what if she can’t dance, she can entertain more than anything. And have you heard her acoustic sets on tour? She really does have a great voice. And taylor plays alot more instruments than just piano and guitar, she also plays the banjo and harp and ukelele and other things too. And its fine for justin to write a song about her, she even said herself that if she can write songs, so can others. IMO, taylor writes a lot better than justin and her music is a lot better too. They are both good though. i just think taylor is alot more”special” for so many reasons, including the ones I said before.

        • Silver

          Thank you. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But just to add to that… And yet she still remains grounded, in control of herself and out of the spotlight. THAT makes her much special. And her song writing is like a thousand times better tbh, she has a good grasp of the English language idioms and her lyrics have depth… Justin… well * pukes*

      • Silver


        The shade WAS at Taylor… Now YOUR logic is impressing ME, Taylor IS one of Selena’s female friends… what did you think she is male?…. lol @ you kid.

    • lolatbieberhaters

      please tell me how is she SO better? what is so special about her songs and her lyrics? specially singles she realeases ? 22, trouble or never getting back together even red have nothing special lyrics, she isn’t michael jackson or stevie wonder please get a reality check those bieber lyrics are ok if you wanna listen to something so lightning up then listen and fuck off for fucks sake, yeah i dislike his behavior but his songs are good and he’s a good artist i see some pressed selena and taylor fan here? you always talk nonsense

      • Jeanette Grimshaw

        True Justin has done some bad things but he truly cares about his fans likely selena and taylor wouldnt perform when there sick but justin tries to unless he is 100 % unable to

        • anonym

          he just performed because if he did he woldn’t have to refund the fans

        • Swifties 4 TayTay

          Taylor just performed three shows in a row sick in Nashville when she had lost her voice the morning of the sold out concert recently.

        • Silver

          Well, turns out he actually did not perform… Get your facts right hun.

          • Jeanette Grimshaw

            He did start performing but then he stopped performing since he felt too ill but he has performed before when he was sick but food posioning can be more serve than the flu or the cold doctors can do more to allow singers to perform when they have a cold or flu but there isnt much that can be done for food posioning other than iv fluids

          • Silver

            Excuses excuses… Point is he did not perform. So your argument is invalid, if someone is sick they should take care of their health. Selena and Taylor are just as human as Bieber, they need rest too.

      • Anon

        Lol, listen to songs like Ronan, last kiss, all too well, white horse, best day, cold as you, tied together with a smile, and long live. All of these songs are better than Justin’s career, not to mention she wrote them all herself. And she is alot more humble than he is.

        • Silver

          All too well is lyrical perfection.

          Show me a Bieber song that even comes close to that one.

          I lol’d so hard when I watched this:


        • Jeanette Grimshaw

          i agree with some her song lyrics being better but her attitude isnt good and she acts very immature and she writes most of her songs about the same topic and she shouldnt be considered country anymore since only her first cd was country

  • Mouse


    Well he got #1 ! Because he has no promotion I doubt it will stay there for long but it still did hit #1 :D Congrats Biebs. I might dislike how you act but your new music is much better and I even bought this one myself :) Hopefully he stays out of trouble as well.

  • anon

    If Justin is still acting out because of a breakup of a year ago, as say his fans, it is time for his close ones get him therapy because that’s not normal. His love can have turned into a obsession. But I think he is acting out because he desperately wants some normalcy on his crazy life, maybe have a girlfriend gave it to him before. He just need to find a new gf.

    • Guest

      New gf and that’s it, he can do better. I think he’s just hurt and desperate for some privacy and love, I completely understand him. I’m a dude and after a long relationship half of us act dumb :)

    • Silver

      He has over 50 million Beliebers… one of them should be worthy of him! He should date one of them coz we are sick and tired of this obsession over Selena.

  • anon

    Oh D: He RTd that: https://twitter.com/IKidrauhlic/status/399886643072868352
    basically confirming the song is a Taylor shade

    • smh

      she shades everyone someone can shade her back :) we all know she was jelly selena at least kept one relationship longer then her shower unlike taylor and bieber treated her good

      • Jeanette Grimshaw

        so true i was a taylor fan until she shaded justin

  • Kim

    ”It’s another, if it ain’t one thing
    Instigators, like pouring fire on propane
    The wrong thing, they be worried about
    Ooh, you know females
    And how they like to run their mouths”

    ”Between us, they wanna comment

    Your worst enemy some time be your best friend
    Perfect, ain’t saying that I am
    Proven, it’s proven I don’t give a damn

    Wanna be, wanna be everything I ought to be to you (to you)
    Envy, envy, same thing as jealousy
    Jealous of you
    That’s what they do”

    I actually love the lyrics, kinda fit my situation of a fake friend telling me shit to my relationship, I actually know she’s mad she doesn’t have one herself.
    For Taylor obviously and I am glad he put this one out :D

    • Swifties 4 TayTay

      You do realize, Selena calls and tells Taylor everything that happens in their relationship. Taylor and Selena have both said in public they call each other when anything happens. Taylor is a strong girl who won’t stand for BS, and maybe that’s why Justin is mad. That Selena finally left him from the support of her family and friends. Boyfriends come and go, but friends are forever. They’re the one who comes when you’re broken and help put you back.

      From the way the Biebs is behaving can you blame her for leaving him? All of the crap he is doing now picking up prostitutes left and right acting like a brat spitting on peoples faces. Can you imagine his behavior towards Selena when they were together?

      If he was a great boyfriend to Selena, she would have never left him. He had to have done things to give her doubts in order for her to let him go. Don’t go around blaming her friends who stood there for her and supported her because he wasn’t good enough.

      And no, Taylor would not be jealous of their tumultuous relationship. Who would want to be in that kind of relationship? The thing with Taylor is that, yes her relationships may be short. But, its because she leaves when things go bad. That might not always be a good thing, but that’s her motto. She has a very rewarding career and life and she may give these guys a chance to win her heart. But doesn’t have time for the games and to wait for them to give her their full commitment. She will choose her career over a guy any day. Hence after the whole Harry fiasco, she has not dated a single guy. Its been almost a year.

      People can make fun of her for going on dates and having boyfriends. But if you had a chance to date any guy you liked, why wouldn’t you? And if you got to know them and didn’t like their true side, would you leave or stick around and wait it out? Would you stop dating for months or years because that one guy you dated for a couple weeks fizzled out?

  • j

    After what that kid has done to my country, I’m hating him. Many celebs from here are criticizing him and calling him a little spoiled child, for coming to a country that it’s not his and only doing shit, disrespecting his fans, being a bitch to them and not finishing the show and after everything he still talks shit about us.
    fucking idiot, not a chance I’m gonna listen to his new shitty music.

    • Hov

      There’s no evidence he disrespected his fans at all you read it and believe it? Oh ok. He only left the show because he was SICK. Everyone gets sick and he tried to do it obviously couldn’t have finished it dumbass :) He still talks shit about what? He literally did NOTHING TO YOUR country dude, what the hell ?LMAO. He got sick and couldn’t finish and you hate him for that? Are you dude serious ? Really? You consider that bad for your country? Lmao I am laughing hahahahaha :D Chill bro, he didn’t kill anyone. Like he gives a shit will you buy his music man

  • yo

    “Your worst enemy some time be your best friend”

    “Envy, envy, same thing as jealousyJealous of you
    That’s what they do”

    Wow, does Justin mean that Taylor was jealous of Selena (because Selena was dating and Taylor was single) and because of that she kept bashing on Justin and saying shit of him to Selena? To make Selena hate him? lol that’s good hollywood drama going on, my friends!

    • Swifties 4 TayTay

      When Selena was dating Justin, Taylor was With Harry. They did a group date in Utah skiing together.. So I doubt that’s the case. I think Taylor doesn’t care for his obnoxious behavior and wasn’t quiet about disapproving of him to Selena. Hence the reason why he’s upset with her. For not supporting him. But, shes’s Selena’s best friend, so she chose to do right by Selena.

  • johnny

    Lame, a definite Taylor diss. Cheap shot though, she’ll come back swinging. This will probably sell more cause its about her.

  • Silver

    And lastly… It is so weird how all his fans are choosing to ignore that he just dissed all women and said we basically like to run our mouths…. Where is LORDE when you need her feminism???!!

    • MCMimi

      Your pathetic analyze of everything Bieber does is making me laugh. Obvious sheep ”hater” who can’t even use their common sense for once and check facts. Oh you are so funny,.

      • Silver

        What are the facts here that I have not checked/ I thought you were somewhat smarter than the rest of the people posting here but lately you have the common sense of a mentally ill fish.

        Of course we will analyse his lyrics… how dare he group all females like that in a song and diss them, if he has beef with Taylor or any other females he should say Oh you know how Taylor likes to run her mouth not FEMALES. That was disrespectful if you can not see that there is definitely something very wrong with you. Grow up and get an education.