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Do YOU think Miley Cyrus’s weed smoking action was HOT or NOT?

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    i wouldn’t mind gifting this girl a pair of pants for christmas, this hurts my eyes.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      truer words have never been spoken!

  • in jesus name i pray amen
    • threelittlebirds

      at least she waxes… but it’s still disturbing.

    • CARRY

      why will people focus on that? serious people here have some mental problems, why are you zooming on that part yet when people does on selena in which this also happen wait we saw her entire vagina on selena, yet they still do this to miley? we don’t even see nothing we haven’t seen on bikinys, why so obsessed, so you zoom in on her you want an award for been the most purberted person on here? haters obsessed with miley will never be classy this unclassless people and sick in the brain why will people zoom in you cant see none of that on tv, sick little bastards aint they, she still looks good and she clean so you lose.

      • micheal

        at least miley is well groom selena va gina was all hairy and not as clean as mileys

      • anon

        selena was an accident. miley wants we talk about that

      • javi g

        people focus more on miley because she’s a former disney girl also the daughter of a former famous country singer. normal people love when child stars do ridiculous things or die of an over dose. or reck there careers like lindsay lohan. with miley you have a future lindsay but with more money and less hair in her vagina.

  • laura

    it’s legal in Holland so who gives a fuck?
    I’m glad the EMA’s were in Amsterdam: they don’t get shocked as easily as they do in America

    • Julia

      Yeah but it’s illegal to smoke in some indoor paces such as Arena’s and if you’re smoking weed it has to be kept in the facilities of the cafe’s or designated areas i.e not a arena full of people and potential children.

    • bosco

      holland is so small you could drop a bomb on it and easily miss it.

      • Iris van der Laan

        well that’s not very nice…

    • Rianneee

      Well actually people outside the Netherlands think we aren’t shocked at all. But most people here in Holland aren’t happy about all this ‘drug publicity’ our country gets….

  • m

    and she thinks she’s cool

  • Silver

    I never thought Miley would make me lol so hard…. lol

  • wkek

    Anything for attention. This girl has become a total loser. Everything she does now is so orchestrated to give that look of a hardcore rocker chick. It is not going to work, as her pre teen fans have moved on. amd she thought we would shock over this. So sad

  • Godney

    That was really lame… Yeah weed is legal there so??… its lame as fuck!,
    all this for attention and then she wants people to look at her like a real artist? fuck that

  • annoying

    ugh so annoying i dont really care what she does anymore but she’ll always the #1 attention seeking whore for me. that outfit and the weed? was that really necessary whilst accepting an award. geez have even just an ounce of class please.

    • party

      what is it to you why so obsesse with her you obviously not seeing her for her great voice so what if she does this, at the end of the day she has more talent than any other Disney girl combine in her age group, clothes don’t make you who you are and smoking either, it makes you how you treat people ,your talents and if she comfortable with herself and that is all that matter, you are all useless envious haters who don’t even have talent, if all you notice is that, then you are the loser with no class!

      • XaskTaylorX

        I believe Demi was the best singers of the three Disney ladies. You can tell she was lip singing throughout the song. I wish her genuine, not recorded voice was there.

        • :)

          It’s lip sync, not singing. Miley doesn’t lip sync!!!

          • XaskTaylorX

            Potato p(a)tato. It’s all the same thing anyways so your argument is invalid. Plus it looks like I had people to back me up with the eight likes.

      • johnny

        its weird that even though Cyrus is super relevant and more successful than Demi, and Selena. Her fans still feel the need to measure her worth by them.

  • Bad

    Pure trash

  • XaskTaylorX

    Whatever she wants to do with her life. Whether it be killing herself slowly or making a fool out of herself.

    • anonymous

      Or both at the same time.

  • anony

    she does have a great talent

    it’s just sad that she has to do all these things, in order for people to notice her again. it’s because people with true talents don’t get enough recognition unless they’re not ‘boring’.

    that’s how it all works in hollywood.

    lisent to her backyard sessions and you’ll know how talented she is.

  • cerenagee

    Miley has an amazing voice but shes ruining it with how much she smokes weed. I honestly don’t even care that she smokes weed but the fact that she did that as lame as fuck. She’s terrible now and this is so classless and trashy straight up. Put some clothes on dude like god damn and put on a real performance for once! My god anything for attention

  • RegReach

    danm she can sing at least
    i guess she saving her cooch for the AMA

  • :)

    Nobody really gave a shit when Snoop and Ke$sha were smoking on stage, I think it was the mtv awards a couple years back. Any who, congrats to Miley on her two awards. Best US act and the biggest one of the night Best video of the Year!!!!!!!!

  • kdely

    its legal there so the judgmental americans need to stuff it

    • daniela

      but it’s illegal to smoke weed in indoor places like arena, if you want to smoke it they have places for that such as cafe shops… what if there were kids there. That’s really irresponsible…

      • Iris van der Laan

        it was just ONE puff of smoke??? what harm can that do? People are really over reacting and trying to find excuses for something that isn’t even that shocking.

        • daniela

          Actually I find funny that IS NOT A BIG DEAL to smoke a joint, I actually find very dumb that SHE is the one who wants to make it a big deal and publish everytime she smokes, lol… I don’t like the fact that there is a bunch of people in that place and weed has a really strong smell and it doesn’t matter if you do one puff of smoke sensitive people can get stoned with the smoke residue; and it should be a personal/responsible decision if a person wants to get stoned or not. so yea xd

          • Iris van der Laan

            Yeah you’re right that she’s the one making a big deal out of it. Totally agree with you on that. But you really can’t get stoned of residue of one puff of a joint. That would mean people in Amsterdam who are shopping and walking past coffeeshops (where they sell the weed) would be stoned too?? If you’re in Amsterdam you can’t get around the smell, yes it’s not the nicest smell but you can’t get stoned of the residue of one puff. You’d have to inhale it directly as someone is blowing it out in your face. But enough about weed. Let’s just ignore Miley for now. She has had enough attention.

          • daniela

            Aahahaha i know Im sayin that cause it happened to me twice and i guess it was easier because my respiratory system is kinda fucked and a bit sensitive so yeah and the guys that were smokin werent in my face so i mean maybe im nit the only one and like i said before it should be a personal choice. But enough of dumb Miley I like tge one tgat made the BBC luve lounge check it out on youtube its like a different person

  • kdely

    its legal there so the judgmental americans need to stuff it

  • javi g

    no offense to her fans but. what happen to originality she’s doing the same thing snoop lion did a few months back at the vma’s. i know they do it to sell her songs. aprently it work at least last night check iTunes at least wrecking ball went up a little bit but will never beat eminem.but she’s not doing anything original. again no offense to her fans but she should stop copying gaga or snoop lion. again no offense.

    • RegReach

      no she should becasue peopleonly care when she does it,
      take advantage of that double standard

      • :)

        MTE!!!!! Anyone else does it, it’s like, who gives a shit.

        If the media would stop talking about this shit day in and day out who knows what would happen. But until then you’re gonna see more of it from Miley.

        Ya got the AMA’s coming up and it is her birthday, so don’t be shocked at what happens.

        • javi g

          cmon!! the AMA’S are a good award show. they don’t need the ratings that bad. but i would bet in las vegas that she has simulated sex on stage.

          • :)

            It’s Miley, anything can happen!! But, wouldn’t she be shocked if someone presented her with a birthday cake after her performance???

  • BrokenArrow18

    Keep the haters talking, Miley you go girl!

  • anonym

    What I draw from this is that pilates is good for your legs and stomach but is not good for your butt×580.jpg

    • cerenagee

      and she still isn’t squatting is what I gather from this hahaaha

  • lola

    She’s seriously annoying as hell now. I was tolerating it but this is just sad. she is really trying.

  • jess

    I’m just bored of her. no interest in seeing her on tour. she will be doing the same thing we have already seen. humping, smoking, & yelling. bore

  • kik

    If she comes to my city I’m not going to the show. Was a fan before and I do still care about her and want the best for her, but those things she’s been doing lately are just sick. Plus, I don’t like her new album. Bye.

  • johnny

    She has been swagga jacking Rihanna for way to long. I wonder why this has yet to be brought up. All that damn photo shopping is out the window. Her body is so loose. Like even Selena’s is tighter. And she was the queen of loose skin. But back to the Rihanna jacking , all that shit is so obvious. Down to most the tracks on her album, same could be said about Stars Dance and Britney. These girls need to be more original.

  • Rosemary

    She’s sick. She really needs help

  • daniela

    pop culture is kinda fucked up isn’t it?