Miley Opening EMA Performance Vid

  • Alii

    Yikes. Not her best.

  • Tony

    yeahhh….I actually preferred the VMA performance to this. This was lackluster.

  • cerenagee

    Oh wow. That was all bad. That honestly just made me reconsider getting tix to see her in feb. Please enough with the fucking twerking already god damn its not necessary put on a real performance not something you would go to a kickback and see. Her voice was pitchy and she sounded so out of breath. Prob from smoking so much weed. Her lungs can’t hold the sameaamount of oxygen as before is my guess. And did anyone else notice that she was singing slower than her voice in the song? Idk how to explain it. Like her song was playing in the background and she was obviously singing in the song but when she was singing along live it sounded like towards the end she was off

    • Blue

      You my friend have no life….jealous much;)

      • cerenagee

        How am I jealous? I said the honest truth. This in comparison to many of her other performances is terrible. It doesn’t make me jealous its stating my opinion.

  • Sophie Lou

    I switched channels when she was on…I really don’t want to see any of her perfomances anymore!

  • SnapeSeverus

    Did she perform WCS

  • Asdfghjkl

    EMA’s performance > VMA’s

  • checkit88

    That wrecking ball performance was beautiful. She can sing live, how refreshing