Hunger Games THEME PARK Soon?

Lionsgate is exploring getting into the theme-park business, taking advantage of its blockbuster “Hunger Games” franchise. CEO Jon Feltheimer made the disclosure Friday during a conference call with analysts following release of the studio’s quarterly earnings report. Feltheimer said Lionsgate had been approached about “Hunger Games” theme parks in two territories and was considering those possibilities. He gave no further details. The CEO’s disclosure came in response to an analyst question about which areas of “Hunger Games” merchandising had performed well. Motion Picture Group Co-Chairman Rob Friedman had said that Lionsgate was “very excited” by sales of the “Capitol Couture” line of attire.

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katnis Everdeen, opens worldwide on Nov. 22 in 50 markets and is expected to dominate the box office for several weeks. “The Hunger Games” grossed over $690 million last year. The two “Mockingjay” titles in the “Hunger Games” franchise are already being shot back-to-back in Atlanta and will be released in November, 2014 and November, 2015. via ONTD. Would YOU go to the Hunger Games theme park?

  • Dara

    Ugh. This whole franchise is much too over hyped. I actually think the books were poorly written, the movies are too intense (there is rarely a happy moment to lighten the mood,) and I just plainly do not like it.

    I mean come on, it’s not Harry Potter. The Hunger Games will never be anywhere near as good as Harry Potter is

    • threelittlebirds

      I really don’t understand the hype either. Guess it’s just not my cup of tea.

    • Glad I am not the only one who found it over rated. I read the first book and the one thought on my head the whole time was ” I don’t like this writing”, I am reading Champion by Marie Lu right now, and loving every second of it.

    • Guest

      I think it’s okay but it’s not like I would read it constantly. Though I can’t lie. I’m excited to see the ending of Catching Fire in the movies.

  • ally

    it seems like want THG to be like harry potter with the theme parks and how successful the books and movies were

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    So I wonder if attendees will be able to kill each other? or…

  • The whole franchise is over rated. There are far better books that deserve to be movies and have as much success and even more.

  • Jen

    what would you even do at a hunger games theme park? shoot arrows?

  • lols

    The Hunger Games has NOT NEAR the same amount of success as Harry Potter had to have a theme park. Harry Potter had 7 books, it’s something epic that lasted a whole generation and will remain as something memorable. I liked THG books, but it doesn’t deserve a theme park. The movies may be a success in USA, but out of USA? In my country, after all the hype in USA, I thought the premiere of the movie would be crowded. Guess what? It was a failure compared to others successful blockbusters. Also, the first movie was CRAP, literally, compared to the book.