Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Dating

gigi-hadid-cody-simpson-dating (7)Cody Simpson has been dating Gigi Hadid for five months, reports Us Weekly: ‘They’ve been friends for awhile, it turned romantic this year. They are very adventurous and like to party with friends. It’s very easy between them. They have a beautiful, loving relationship. [It’s] extraordinary at such a young age.’

  • cerenagee

    she looks like a younger version of candice swanepoel

  • JUG

    Great news. Hope Gigi will become Cody’s Selena Gomez and help generate some publicity to help sell his upcoming accoustic CD. Do the two of them have any promo events planned for next couple of weeks? The Accoustic Sessions comes out November 19. It’d be great if the two of them could do some public dinners during release week.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Isn’t this the same person Nick supposedly dated?

  • Hollyhysteria


  • no


  • why did jonas break up ugh iht

    yes nick was linked to her