Jonas Brothers Final Show In Mexico?

Jonas brothers are going to perfom in Mexico City at ‘Los Premios Telehit’. Despite their breakup, the Jonas Brothers will fulfill their commitment made ​​on the TeleHit Awards on 13 November at the Foro Sol. Channel president: ‘We know how professional they are. Going to fulfill its pre-programmed dates TeleHit was a case. They canceled which could cancel.

Joe Jonas was in TeleHit Awards the year before and said he was very happy, very excited. I think it was very positive to not cancel.’ In addition to Jonas, the sixth TeleHit Awards, which will celebrate 20 years of the channel, get the likes of Miguel Bosé, Garbage, Inna, Molotov, Café Tacuba and Pantheon Rococo.

  • dancer145

    To fufil a commitment my ass. How about the commitment you made to how many fans to go on a tour. This is Bull Sh*t!

    • GentileJewel

      You do realize (They) didn’t break up! Someone! Did it!

      • sh

        Shut the fuck up, no one knows the details, asshole.

      • hellohun

        It’s childish of you to put all the blame of a breakup in ONE person. GET REAL. They all agreed on it, no one forced each other to do things they didn’t want to do, after all they’re brothers. If Joe or Kevin really wanted to keep going with this do you think they would just let it end like if Nick was the boss? All of them made that important decision together, so ACCEPT THAT, darling, your little band which you idolize so much has no consideration with their fans at all. None of them.

        You are just in denial.

  • JUG

    This must hurt the Jonas Bros fans. Why this event and not the tour or the final V cd?

    • GentileJewel

      It isn’t THEM doing it!

  • Anonymous

    Only Nick is going

    • JJ456

      I think so too.

      • dd

        not all the jonas come

  • GentileJewel

    That doesn’t sound right! They are broken up because of someone! They didn’t break up!

    • dancer145

      ok who the hell is this “someone” that you keep talking about.

      • GentileJewel

        Nick! Watch your language!

        • dancer145

          yeah no im ok I’m 19 i can say whatever the hell i want. and yes nick may have and i do believe was the big part in them breaking up but in the end they all agreed. someone could have stepped in and at least said no lets at least do our tour thats only 19 days that thousands of people payed for and that we have been promising for awhile. But no they just chicken out.

          • GentileJewel

            You don’t know what happened! There was no choice and your Bitch Attitude can go!

          • dancer145

            I dont have a bitch attitude like I said I’m 19 I’m an aduldt and can do what i want my you choose to respond to my post if you think thats my bitch attitude well I’m sorry but its not. Im actually shocked that you would think you know what my bitch attitude sounds like when you don’t know me. And how the hell do you know any more about this than any of us. You don’t some one could have stepped up and said they should have done the tour. The only way there would have been a choice is if someone was holding a gun to there head. It wasn’t even a long tour it was 19 days less than a month. They could’ve just sucked it up it was very unprofessional what they did.

  • Me

    It’s already confirmed that only Nick is going.

  • Anonom


    Anyway on to good news, I bought Wild Life today!! :D

  • anon

    You know they shouldnt advertise it as the JONAS BROTHERS since it’s only Nick. I have an issue with this as the people that buy tickets will think it’s the three and it’s just Nick. Heard a few people say that they were going for Joe at jingleball so when there were rumors that it was just Nick they decided not to go. Then it turns out Joe will also be performing there. They need to be more specific towards people.

    • junie

      Immediately following the GMA appearance Joe and Nick said that at least two Jonas Brothers will be at the Holiday Chicago and Buffalo shows. So the U.S. is getting two final shows.

  • Fghbjj

    Thats means jonas brothers are last visiting to México for us americans we no have a problem because jonas they doing concert only in the U.S

    • Ty

      Well to México and others country who has visiting to doing a concerts jonas brothers they are not going to visit others contry’s

  • Ee

    Well jonas brothers are goin to continúe to do concerts here in the united states like jingle bash and joe jonas are goin to continúe sing for the americans fans and nick too

    • Fact check..

      um…not really.
      “jonas brothers” arent performing for Jingle Bash,
      1) Nick Jonas
      2) Joe Jonas
      are performing.
      that’s how its listed: INDIVIDUAL.

      theyll be doing solo stuff probably.

      • Ee

        So why jonas brothers are goin to sing in México ?

      • Anon

        No it’s listed as Joe and Nick. Meaning Joe will perform with Nick since Nick is jealous of Joe and can’t let him do anything alone because gasps god forbid joe takes his spotlight for a day

        • JJ456

          Sad but true.

  • Uio

    Haha Well joe jonas always say that i am happy and watever he always say that to every country

  • Fhbjnk

    Why jonas brothers goin to sing in México ? Sorry but they always do that to their country

    • Ty

      Hey dont borried they are just inviting them for one year just like other singers from U.S.A for jonas brothers is goin to be the firts and last gonna be there

  • pily

    Umm..well actually yesterday i was watching this channel and they confirm that the 3 of them will be at the awards tomorrow, i domt understand why they dont make a last tour at least?

  • DIDI


    • rdgdrg

      dont worried sweetie us americans we are lucky all day all year to meet jonas brothers so your thing is nothing to compared to the americans fans

    • jonasfan


  • junie

    Its only Joe and Nick. Now that they have their sh*t together a month following the tour cancellation they’re fulfilling obligations that were set before the split. Nick and Joe will also be at the KissFm and B96 holiday shows. These are in Chicago and Buffalo next month.

  • Barb

    Don’t know why they had to break up. Couldn’t they do solo gigs and then come together as the Jonas Brothers when they wished? Sad that they cancelled the last tour, but their fans are very loyal and will forgive this. We just want to see them play together again. They are a great band!