• anon

    He seriously needs to stop pulling these moves. He’s been partying nonstop since he arrived at South america but he can’t give an hour and a half performance? SO disrespectful to all of those girls’ parents who paid fucking expensive tickets to see this boy’s show and he sang 5 songs and left cause he was feeling too sick to go on but he wasn’t sick to take girls to his hotel the previous night. Whatever drugs this dude is consuming HE CAN’T HANDLE THEM and he’s just caving his own grave. No refunds were given and he didn’t even arrange another show. Pathetic.

    • cerenagee

      Totally agree. So pathetic. And just last week he was in an interview saying oh I went to this little village where they had absolutely nothing and it made me really take a step back and appreciate everything I have. Its like ok bs. So ridiculous. So pathetic and disrespectful.

      • true

        scooter probably wrote that thing about the village.. justin has let fame go to his head along with drugs and partying lifestyle. this guy has been fucking prostitutes for awhile and thats why selena was so pissed. he cant even control himself and hes going to fuck himself up because he wont let anyone try to help him because he thinks hes god’s gift. i hope he gets the help he needs soon or it might not end well for him at all.

        • alli

          i was there and i apologize him. he have done everything he could. so shut up please and stop inslusting him, ocean up and other websited always publish what Justin do wrong, but never publish when he does something okay. i’m so tired of this

          • Godney

            You use the same damn excuse chris brown fans use, so damn pathetic. We all know he party crazy and yet you try to say “oh he did everything right”, he is not in south america to party, he is there for WORK, his job is to be there in time and perform the whole show!, thats why people pay and wait for hours in line.

          • Austin Ames

            He party crazy? He parties normally compared to people his age who are on collage and most ones I know. Honey, his job yes is first but his health is as well. He could get worse now and forced to cancel the rest of the shows? He had to leave obviously he felt bad, he performed sick many times, this time obviously couldn’t handle it. God’s sake have you been sick? Would you like to perform for 50k ? And you have food poisoning ? Get a reality check stop being ignorant.

          • Godney

            Sorry but i am 1 or 2 years older than him and i dont party till 4 am when i have to work, i dont party with prostitutes and i dont take random guys to my place. If he wants to party like a regular collage guy THEN GO TO COLLAGE AND BE A REGULAR GUY, we ALL KNOW he is been party ALOT in south america, again, its HIS JOB to perform in time and be in good shape for his concert, not to party.

          • Godney

            Picture all the parents that had to take money they didnt have for their daugher to see him and he performs 5 song and say oh sorry bye. Its not right to do that. Specially if he is seen party till very late.

          • Camila

            not only he left the concert after five songs, without giving other show or at least returning the money, but also the previous night he went to a club with his security men and stuff, and they ordered lots of drinks and they didn’t want to pay for any of it! He didn’t even want to take a picture at the place, or pay!!! PAY FOR WHAT HE ORDERED! And after that a photographer wanted to take pictures of him getting out of the club (he didn’t pay) and the security guys hit him! And BESIDES on stage he swept the floor with the argentinian flag. He is so disrespectful. Unbelievable

          • true

            “he has done everything he could”?? ugh no, how about not getting drunk the night before. that wouldve helped since he had a hangover. im not insulting him im telling the facts, its so obvious bieber needs help and you fans arent helping by just pretending everything is okay when its not. Yes he gives to charity but that doesnt make up for the prostitutes, the hard partying, the groupies, the drugs, the drinking. please get a reality check NORMAL 18-21 yr olds DONT DO THIS SHIT. and im tired of people (media mostly) thinking that they do. we just dont that on a daily basis like bieber and miley. real 18-21 are worried about college and struggling to pay bills and go to work at the same damn time. and trying to move the fuck out of their parents house. not partying til 4 and 9 am. get a fucking grip.

          • Godney

            YES YES YES!!,
            his fans keep saying “its normal, he does the same as all the other of his age”, and its not true, yes, collage people party, because they need a fucking break of how hard it is !.
            I am 20 years old and i have a job , i have to pay my bills, i am trying to save money to study, i dont party till 9 am, even if i party i do it on weekends when i dont have to work.

            Picture if i go “sick”(hangover) to my job, stay one hour and then i go home, i’d be fired right away.

    • anon

      That was a 50K stadium, so expensive for refund. The rule says if the artist presents for anytime he is no obligated to pay a refund. That’s why he performed, even if was had a really bad hangover

  • Grace

    he needs to take a long ass break from everything.

  • anon

    I think he needs therapy and a long break

  • Duckyhoward15

    His PR team are SO good

  • Laura

    i normally dont leave comments on these type of things but can i just say what a diva move that was?! like that was so disrespectful to his fans and to everyone who had to sit and wait for him let alone pay VERY expensive tickets to see him. especially if that person works very hard for those tickets and they want the time of there life! He seriously needs to take a step back and think about his actions before he pursues them. Think about other’s for a change instead of just yourself. this is Pathetic, immature and unprofessional.

  • lalaland

    what a little Pr!ck

  • Julia

    How hasn’t anyone sued he’s ass by now? If I paid $100 for a ticket and he sang 5 songs, I would’ve demanded my money back.

    • BrokenArrow18

      the most expensive ticket costed like 300 but It was a festival so they wont get their money back because thye 80% of the festival was done.

  • JUG

    Justin’s apology would have been perfect if he added “I will give all of you a full refund.”

  • lol
    • RedneckAtHeart

      He needs to slow down on the drugs before he becomes the next young Hollywood death headline..

  • threelittlebirds

    he keeps pulling shit like this, he won’t have any fans left

    • Hov

      Pulling shit? Can he get sick? Oh man lol. He at least showed up somehow but couldn’t make it till end, people on here are so fucked up.

      • threelittlebirds

        if he was that sick, he could’ve postponed the concert. why bother wasting people’s time and money. i’m sure you wouldn’t have said the same if it happened to you.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Thanks god my sister went to the others shows and not this one

  • MCMimi

    Wow JB can’t even be sick anymore those idiots think it’s publicity and he is faking it to gain sympathy. Wow, OU did their best on reporting bs and ignoring all the good he does. You’re so brainwashed I am laughing my ass off. Drugs? lol. Yeah right. He smoked weed, big deal. Ya’ll need to grow the fuck up and stop making shit about everything he does. He can be tired specially since he’s on tour since last year, he got sick, can he? Everyone gets sick and they even cancel shows, HE SHOWED UP because he though he could do it but he didn’t obviously. Gosh you on here are the ones who are pathetic and immature.

    • asd

      Obviously you’re the immature one. PLEASE, you’re delusional, just like his other fans with this whole discurse of “stop making shit about everything he does”. People are not stopping to say shit because ALL HE DOES IS SHIT. ALL HE DOES IS DISRESPECTFUL to their fans and to their countries. I mean, fucksake I BET that he got “sick” probably because he drank too much the night before and had a bad hangover as well as stomachaches and stuff. If he stopped doing these crazy partying times, getting drunk and fucking whores while WORKTIME maybe he’d have been fine for the concert. One person just cannot handle for much time partying THAT HARD AND HAVING to make concerts at the same time. He’s an irresponsible child that only thinks about himself and that’s all.

  • ayy lmao

    the beginning of the end of his career..

  • Anon

    I’m from Argentina, and here everyone is talking about this, how he could done something like that? He doesn’t have a little bit of respectful for his fans, who paid more than 1000 dollars just to take a photo with him, but no, he was “sick”, I feel very sorry for all the girls who couldn’t met him and for all the parents who spend lots of money in transportation, acommodation and tickets for nothing.

    He went to nightclubs all nights, HOW are you suposed to feel after that if you have to perform in front of million of people? It’s insane. Honestly, I can’t believe that his fans still supporting him after this. Justin Bieber is pathetic and ungreatful.

    Again, I wish every person who went to the show could have their money refund, but it’s impossible, they didn’t gave an explanation for that. But what I wish most, is that those girls could see him again, like they deserve.

    These are my honest opinions. And sorry for my englis, I’m doing my best.