Justin Bieber On Drugs In Argentina?

From Lola: I’m from Argentina, and the Argentinian press is going crazy about Justin leaving the show last night. Some people reported that Justin was kicked out of a night club Saturday night at 9 AM! He was also kicked out of his hotel in Buenos Aires, and the reason is still unclear, some people say it is because of the fans disturbing the area, and some rumors say that he made a mess in his room.

But the most important thing is that everybody is saying that he was not sick that night, he was on drugs and he spent the whole day trying to recover from the night before. This was reported hours before the show by one of the most important journalist of the country, Jorge Rial. He was tweeting all of the details about the show, even when Justin was throwing up backstage.

This is the video where justin is going out of the nightclub early in the morning. His bodyguard attacked a paparazzi, and at the end you can see two girls from the nightclub in Justin’s car.

  • dis guy dougg

    Little shit will be lucky to make it to the 27 club at this rate

  • anon

    So disturbing he behave like that when his little siblings are with him

  • BangBang

    What’s up with the blanket though? We all know it’s him. And can his bodyguards please calm the hell down!

    • Guest

      It’s their job dear.

      • Godney

        Its not their job to CHASE someone to hit them tho.

        • HoneyB4

          Paparazzi are chasing Bieber as well with their cars and can cause accidents as well lol Paparazzi also stalk him and that’s ok but it’s not ok for his bg’s to defend him and pull them away? Nice logic.

          • Godney

            His fans stalk him and take picture, his fans can cause accident … do hid people have to chase them to hit them too? nice logic

      • BangBang

        I know it’s their job to protect him but was it in this case really necessary to handle it the way he did? I mean the other men had to hold him back…

        • Godney

          Thats what im saying!! THAT was not necessary at all!. The guy was not even that close to justin yet his bodyguard chase him to hit him, imagine if he actually caught him.

  • Guest

    To all the small brained heartless rats who think it involved drugs; it has been confirmed it was food poison by everyone there. If you never had it, I did. It is horrible making you practically unable to eat. He showed his class by not cancelling but those in front who saw him close realized he was in no shape to continue. He was pale and weak and finally stopped after 7 songs. All this is according to people that were there.

    Why is it so hard to accept not everything he does is involving drugs? Dude smoked weed , so what? He was sick before even entering the club night before which leads into thinking he got it while eating before going out.

    Check your facts before talking shit, local gossip sites love to make up shit because they’re mad he simply couldn’t move on with the show you can see thiOne of the other members from his team also got food poisoning but nearly as bad a Justin.ng on his hand as well on the picture he posted. Wake up brainwashed sheep.

    • Kim

      He was rushed to the hospital and put on IVs. He was puking in between songs. He was sick. Haters on this site are so heartless and fucked up. He can’t even get sick no more he must be doing drugs, he cannot leave the show while meanwhile half of them cancel it, he apologized he is a fucking human being, cannot believe this shit for real, dude can’t even get sick anymore. SMH :O

      • Carly

        You don’t go out to a nightclub until 9 am if you are sick………. just sayin

        • al

          true that. why i see no hospital pics?

    • ads

      “He showed his class by not cancelling”.

      Cancelling was the right thing to do. But as he and his team wanted the money he presented so they didn’t have to refund the fans.

      Food poisoning? More as Hangover

      • Godney

        The hard thing there is that it was a festival, it wasnt just him.

    • jin

      wow. entering a night club when he is not feeling well. on top of that, knowing that he has a concert to perform the next day. well done… and, those IV drips are probably to cure his hangover. dehydration, you know? bet you never had one

    • true

      i dont know about you but when im sick (especially something like “food poisoning” since thats the story we’re using here aka hangover) i dont feel like going out to the damn club let alone leaving my damn house. stop defending this a-hole. he was irresponsible and got wasted when HE KNEW he had a show to perform and then he decided to perform just to keep the money, unbelievable. and you fans to support this behavior if this was one of your friends or family members you would be disgusted if they had the same behavior as Bieber.

  • anonymous

    lol that his fans are still protecting him after he pays for prostitutes around the world

  • Mellz89

    woow…bieber is all bad,ur song aint gonna change our point of view lil rat

  • anon

    why the fuck are they so rude? no need to punch the guy.

  • Lara

    Hi guys, I’m from Argentina. Justin was seen in Creamfield which is a Electronic wild party in the one that drugs are basically on little tables for people to serve, so. I don’t buy the food poisoning bullshit.