Nick Jonas & Olivia On Jonas Breakup

+ Nicky looking sexy in New York!

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  • anon


  • JJ456

    These two are insufferable. And why is Nick so smug & cheerful when he speaks of the break up? “Yes JB are over he he he”, “for now he he he.” Can he be any more insensitive and inconsiderate? I think Joe & Kevin biggest mistake was to let this egomaniac be in charge.

  • rosie

    OMG she is too tall for Nick lol

  • rosie

    Can he find a regular girl? I mean you can tell she in for the PR!

  • mickey

    he looks like her little brother tagging along.

    i love nick, but she’s out of his league looks wise

    • anon

      back when he used to date Miley most people said Miley was out of Nick’s league toolol

      • HeyThereDuhhLila

        Call me delusional, but I still think at the time that Miley was out of Nick’s league. She could’ve had any guy at one point, but she kept going back to Nick. He treated her like shit for the longest, then every time they broke it off he was sorry and writing some song about it. I used to love Nick & his curls, but I think he can come off too-cocky some times. Like if this was regular life he would be an average guy. Every now and then, he has above average, delicious moments, but at the time he was average and Miley has never been such (whether it was for the better or for the worse).

        • Anon

          She’s still out of his league even more now that she’s hotter.

    • anon

      bc without hair he looks ugly and smaller

      • anon


    • Kamikapse

      That was my first thought too, that he looks like her little brother.

      I thought the same thing about him and Delta but back then I thought it was the age gap… turns out that isn’t the problem.

  • ashleyofcourse

    can we just
    the elephant in
    the room
    that dress
    isz not happenin.
    or am i alone on this?

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Makes her look like she has nothing…. That was a horrible choice for her..

      • ashleyofcourse

        yeah but those shoulder poofs though….thats my main problem

  • anon

    Is she going to shave it off like Joe?

  • HeyThereDuhhLila

    I don’t know how she does it. I’ve tried to date people shorter than me, but I can’t do it… I JUST CAN’T. I don’t find it attractive at all. Whoever said it before, I agree, she does look like she’s out of Nick’s league tbh. But I’m sure Nick agrees. He’s probably already written a song titled “blessed” about her haha. She’s gorgeous. Nick needs to grow his hair back out so he can get 2 inches at least.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      I think they are almost the same height, but she is ALWAYS wearing heels.. She’s 5’5″ and he is 5’9″

      • anon

        He’s 5’9 maybe with heels.

        • RedneckAtHeart

          And there goes my cereal all over my laptop lmao!

        • HeyThereDuhhLila

          Lmaooo. This!! There is no way Nick is 5’9” even though that’s what he & google claim. Him & Demi aren’t that far apart in height and Demi is barely BARELY 5’3”. Even if you gave him 4/5 inches on her that would still make him max 5’8”

      • TB1

        Nick is 5 foot 9 ehh? Hahahahahaha. He’s stood next to many people who ARE 5 ft 9 and he’s about 2 inches shorter.

        • RedneckAtHeart

          I’m just going by what the different sites say. They could have gotten their heights mixed up :P

    • Cici

      She’s in heels. Next.

      • ……..

        The dude interviewing them is taller than Olivia and she’s in heels.

  • anon

    Lol… when Nick is talking about the breakup her face is like why aren’t we talking about me?

  • GTFO already NJ !

    he seems so needy of attention. like f*** off already, we get it you’re no more.
    stop rubbing it in the faces of what few fans you had left as if everyone should be as happy as his druggie ass is.

    most people in bands would be upset to discuss a breakup. nick cant f]run to a microphone fast enough to start saying (repeatedly) his spoon-fed one liners.

    • ..


      silly phone keyboard :p lol

    • guest

      agreed. i don’t know what it is exactly, but he’s just been irking me lately.

      • anon

        i know everything he does is annoying idk he’s just really cocky and egotistical

        • anon

          and the whole tweeting about the wine? damn he’s so annoyning he’s been legal for like two months and already giving out opinions of what good wine is. Like gtfo with your pretentious self

  • Nicole

    ahhh stuff like this annoys me.
    he looks/seems to be the world’s biggest douche here.

    and i am a nick fan thinking that …. :/
    (am? … was….? -____- idk. )

    • :(

      he seems to be pretty douchy all the time now it seems.

      ever since he started banging around and drinking and hitting the hollywood drug scene, he seems to have changed his attitude and it shows.

  • Anon

    Nick the last thing anyone wants to buy are songs about Olivia.

    Well except for the absolutely nutters Nolivia stans. So that’s who Nick is producing music for now, those wackos. Good luck with that career Nick.

    • rosie

      That’s why she is dating him!! PR!

      • prep

        what pr he is not famous any more he fame died along with the group.
        he bite the hand that feed him as in miley , she help him make him famous and the minute they became famous they turn into jerks against her and so did selena and taylor, yes taylor stared on her but when she still wasn’t well known miley let her be on her movie which made her more successful and selena the famewhore stared on miley show all of them go back to miley helping them and yes taylor had her songs but not still big until Hannah. they are all backstabber and ungrateful and they all going to fall in fame eventually. god don’t approve of ungrateful backstabber, Jonas are the first then selena and lastly taylor

      • LJ02

        If she wanted PR, she’d date someone way more famous than a boy band has-been! If anything, it’s a bad move for her career.

    • tre

      I don’t want to hear about Olivia song I want to hear about miley they are the best inspired songs he ever written.Now that she single he parading all over town with Olivia he just love to do this, than when miley is taken he goes back to singing songs about her and ruining her relationship like he always does, he is so selfish. but miley is gorgeous and talented and a lot of fun, eventually she find another hunk like she always does and then nick don’t come writing song about her ok!

    • Harks

      Nick doesn’t have much luck producing. Not one of the people he produced for during the year he was in the Beat Lab with had a hit. Then Kevin & Joe let him produce their album and look where that got them. It took him over a year to produce something that can’t even get released.

  • get over it

    screw the hate… seriously. they have their own lives to live. not everyone shares the same dream.. obviously. I think they are really cute. Nick has always wanted a girl like that & he got her. I think they are perfect for each other. Joe and Blanda are super cute too. let them live.

    • anon

      They can live their lives they should just stop expecting us to fund their lifestyle, and stop being all up in the press. Retire, go buy a house in the country, pop out kids and just go away. Just like Nick with his “for now” bullshit, he’s trying to keep the few Jonas fans hanging on hoping if they support his projects the band might reunite.

      Nope. I’m done giving them my money. In fact, they’re making ME money cause I sold off all my Jonas crap to the thrift store.

      • Cici

        Get over it. I hope they stay in the business doing exactly what each one of them want to do. I hope Joe marries Blanda & I hope Nick marries Olivia. Sorry to break it to ya & to all their old bitter little fans, THEY WERE NEVER GOING TO MARRY YALL. Now chill out. Bands dont stay together. Especially ones that started as young kids. People change.

  • anon

    could she just get lost? please?

  • anon

    I feel bad now for saying she’s out his league, but he’s such a pretentious little douche that eek. But Nick is cute and adorable.

    • anonymous

      This breakup was inevitable and Nick shouldn’t be
      blamed for it. He just had the courage to admit it.
      The comeback was good in South America but
      not here.

      • anon

        Yeah but the way it was handled was terrible, anyways I’m glad they did break up. Their comeback was annoying with how Nick would take solo projects every now and then while putting the band on hold. Plus Joe and Nick vacationing in the meantime. Now all three can do as they please. I feel like the Jonas Brothers died in 2010.

  • anon

    No @ Miley covering Summertime Sadness. First Nick, now her.

  • anon

    Well she better treat him well or he’ll write a song about her like he did Rita. I bet Rita is glad she dumped his a**. KEYS TO AN OPEN DOOR… this may come as a surprise to you but little miss ex universe will open that door to anyone that comes knocking as long as it helps her get to where she’s going. Sorry to break the news to you Nick your not that special.

  • anon
  • anon

    He might as well have said we’re broken up until we run out of money and have to try and make come back. We all know how successful that is going to be.

    • anon

      Nick is the only one that’s said for now. He probably thinks they get back together when he pleases and they break up again when he wants to. I hope his brothers dont give in to him.

  • anon

    Now Demi needs to cover Lana and then Joe and then they all can stan Lana del Rey as I do.

  • anon

    Stop dating this dwarf and get yourself a real man.

  • anon
  • hazel perez

    She seems fake i dont know what nick sees in her ever since she came into the picture his whole attitude started changing like doesnt care for his family, “family comes first, its most important relationship to us” you really out did yourself ditching your family for being with this tramp all over the world, yeah sure break up the band and cancel the album and produce your girlfriends album will you?!?!?!?! You have alot of nerves to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kay

    Seriously, dating a Miss Universe? Am I the only one here that thinks that these kind of girls that go through these beauty competitions are all futile and superficial? I mean, after all, all they care about is looks. She’s the typical material girl, must have as well done lots of plastic, since many models do too to get to the top.

    • anon

      Eh I dont think all of them are. Some of the girls that compete in Miss Universe only got into the competion to pay for their college. Some of them were never involved in pageants prior to trying out for Miss Usa or Miss *insert your country*. Like Olivia for example she went to college and she viewed it as an opportunity to get closer to her dream which was to be an actress or a host.

    • anon

      Also pageant queens arent really models, models are fashion model from what I understand. What Blanda was prior to being a designer.

      • anon


  • jonas sister

    agr… of course he would say he wrote songs about her… she is standing next to him she would smack him if he said no

  • Nikki

    Why does he keep saying for now?

  • Stan

    Nick is a tiny man with small hands. He could never satisfy her, let alone any women.