R5 Fans VOTE For World Tour Dates!

R5 is touring world-wide and wants their fans input on where they should tour. Between November 12-20th, you can vote for where you want R5 to tour at during their upcoming tour. For more info and how to vote, see HERE or hashtag #R5RocksTheWorld with the city name you want them to tour at in the tweet.

Note, you will need you and all your friends to vote for your city. There is a vote counter so you can see how many others have voted for that location, please be mindful that votes do not start to ‘count’ until November 12th at 9AM PST, so vote again if you voted before then!

R5 will also have a live twitter Q&A everyday between November 13-15th (schedule below) at 10AM & 4PM PT & reveal the first leg of their ‘LOUDER’ world tour November 25 at R5RocksTheWorld.com

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