Taylor Swift Writing Song About Bieber

bieber-swiftJustin Bieber shaded Taylor Swift in ‘All Bad,’ and Taylor is writing a song in response. Source told Hollywood Life: ‘She has heard the song, and she is definitely going to respond at some point. She has the mentality now that payback is a b**ch. A song about him has no timetable but it’s inevitable.’

Taylor is very protective of Selena, 21, and never approved of her dating Justin. Bieber ‘All Bad’ lyrics: It’s another, if it ain’t one thing Instigators, like pouring fire on propane The wrong thing, they be worried about Ooh, you know females And how they like to run their mouths

Wanna be, wanna be, just like, talk like, you(like you) you (like you) Misery, misery, best company Don’t let them change your mood They try to get at me (They try to get at me) Behind your back (your back, your back) Tryin’ to tell me that I’m just like the others But I ain’t all bad Wanna be, wanna be everything I ought to be to you (to you) Envy, envy, same thing as jealousy Jealous of you That’s what they do


  • live.love.learn.

    Well of course she is. Who didn’t see that one coming lol

  • Kat

    I doubt Taylor would care to focus on this chump. If she did write a song in response, it’d be ten times better and more interesting than what he’s brought to the table.

    • Silver

      I hope she doesn’t retaliate. Taylor is so above that. Kid is trying to blame her for him being a douche?! Selena made her choice, she is 21 years old not some teenage girl.

      • Jeanette Grimshaw

        she is 22 actually but she acts immature for her age the way she acted when justin won award she was nominated for and the way she acted when justin kissed selena on the cheek backstage at a award show was very immature

        • Silver

          I meant Selena. Taylor is 23.

          • anon

            Lol none of them are 22

        • kat

          She stood up and clapped when he won the award. And she obviously doesn’t like him, so when they asked her to comment she asked for another question. If you have nothing nice to say, its best to say nothing at all, which she didn’t. People fault her when she speaks and if she doesn’t. She doesn’t like to see PDA, especially with a douch like him so what.

        • Clauber

          There are different kind of personalities, we can see extrovert people like One Direction boys, and shy people like Kristen Stewart or something,

      • Guest

        You’re so dumb. He isn’t blaming her for being a douche, he is blaming her for talking shit about him to Selena and we all know she did. Selena made so many choices she comes back to him before her album is going out and dumps him right after, we all know she ain’t no innocent how you potray her. Taylor is above that? LOL TAYLOR THE QUEEN OF SHADE WHO ACTS 15 IS ABOVE THAT? I am sorry, but you’re so delusional it just makes me laugh.

        • Jeanette Grimshaw

          i agree taylor is 23 but she acts very immature taylor deserved to be shaded back by justin after how she treated him when they were friends before she became friends with selena

          • kat

            No, she was friends with Selena before him. And, she is Selena’s best friend so of course she is going to stick up for Selena. Taylor is obviously not friends with him anymore, he is beneath her with his childish behavior and antics. He’s an embarrassment.

          • Jeanette Grimshaw

            But taylor and justin were ok until she acted like a bitch towards him at the billboards for no reason

          • anon

            Taylor is bestie with Selena since they both was dating a Jonas and Justin was not even famous then

        • aff

          “Selena comes back to him before her album”

          Your dates are kinda off, since her album came on her birthday and Justin was nowhere to be seen. Then he went to her party a week later and they were never seen together again since then.

          • Silver

            Nice One!

          • MCMimi

            Her fans are so blind I am laughing. Maybe read between the lines honey, her name dropping him and suddenly talking nicely about him and is seen with him suddenly hanging out right before it came out? HA. Nice try defending her tho,

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    For once I am on Taylor Swift’s side. Justin Bieber is literally such a dense and diluted douchebag.

    • Silver

      Lol…. The lyrics are so horrible I pretty much want to drown myself in Canadian embarrassment.

      • anony

        yeah but his shade game ain’t even that strong why the fuck is taylor swift acting all butt hurt and stuff

        • Mara

          She hasn’t even responded to this, she’s in New York hanging out with Lorde and getting ready for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Then is headed off to perform for her concert in Australia and perform for William & Kate for the Winter White Gala. And 5 sold out show at the 02 in London, then the 02 World in Berlin.

          • Mara

            She’s too busy to feed into his whiny pity me party.

      • boo

        Can I just say “drown myself in Canadian embarrassment” is probably the best phrase I’ve heard all day.

        • Silver

          Lol.. It just came to me.

    • lols

      I am on no one’s side. Justin is a douche and Taylor IS an immature girl and no one can deny. If Taylor can’t handle the fact that Justin wrote a song about her, she’d be hypocrite because she’s the queen of shades. Artists are allowed to do that. But again, she still hasn’t talked about it yet, but I hope she takes this as an ADULT. Retaliating would be like “oh I’m a high school girl fighting with a douche”. Justin might as well fuck off, he has no morals.

  • anon

    Hollywood Life is 99% bullshit.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Agreed. Their credibility level is about as shit as the national enquirer.

  • XaskTaylorX

    These lyrics are as if a child wrote them. Repeating things a million times and then putting that priceless “jealous” word. Taylor is above all of this, her song will slay Justin’s if she responds on which I hope she doesn’t…

  • Seriously?

    Taylor Swift: *shades the world for breakfast lunch and dinner*
    Society: Well she was hurt, she wanted to get her feelings out.
    Selena Gomez: *indirect shades the shit out of her ex boyfriend constantly.*
    Society: She’s a woman scorned! She shouldn’t have to keep her feelings inside.
    Justin: *says absolutely nothing disrespectful about anyone in the media *
    Society: OH MY GOD THAT WEED SMOKING, MOP BUCKET PEEING, SPITTING ON FANS, MONEY HUNGRY, PROSTITUTE BUYING, BIKE THIEVING, PUNK ASS KID, GO DIE SOMEWHERE, PLEASE STOP MAKING MUSIC ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOURSELF. Seriously I am no fan of him but this shit is getting so fucked up and the entire hatred for Bieber. He can’t even get sick no more without people pulling out crap on him and making bs rumors, you ever thought about his side of the story? Because you hate him you just blame it all on him and believe those two’s games and what they sell you. Seriously people need to wake up and use some sense more. Taylor showed her feelings towards him he can do it too, if you don’t like his songs don’t listen to them or read about him neither just ignore it, I don’t hate him but I don’t love him, his songs are good. Just pointing out the fucked up reactions from people over this shit. Seriously?

    • Hov

      You deserve an award for this.

    • christ

      LOL WHAT the stupid things justin does are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN SHADING SOMEONE do you see selena or taylor taking a piss in a mop bucket??? spitting on people??????? of course people are going to be angry and talking about that because no respectable person SHOULD BE SPITTING ON/ATTACKING PEOPLE/PEEING IN PUBLIC/ETC. the prostitution thing is whatever thats your choice i think its disgusting but the rest of it is completely valid i personally think he’s gotten of easy with the amount of disrespect he shows towards other people and their belongings you are absolutely mental if you’re going to compare throwing shade at someone and the antics of justin bieber LOL

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        He spit on someone?

      • Jeanette Grimshaw

        he didnt spit on anyone he spit in a bush and most of they other stories there is no proof too

      • MCMimi

        Too bad he never spat on anyone, the fact you believed in it makes your entire biased rant irrelevant. We are only talking about shading her. NOT other antics, read the damn comment dumbass and then think about it, if you can even…think?

    • Anon

      This is so funny because it honestly couldn’t be farther from the truth. We all know society does not act like that toward Taylor. They make up vicious rumors about her, which everyone obviously believes. They say her music terrible and immature and that she should write a song about herself being the problem. When in reality, she has only had 6 boyfriends and honestly is only letting out her feelings in the only way she knows how, which is by writings songs. I don’t care for Selena, but everyone knows how much hate Taylor gets everyday. Its the same amount as Justin. The thing is though, everything you listed about Justin is true. He DOES smoke weed, he did pee in a mop bucket, not sure if he truly did spit on his fans, he does buy prostitutes, he does steal bikes, and he literally does act like a punk ass kid with all his “swag” shit and nonsense. There is proof of all of this. And you can be sick, no one is hating him for that. They are giving him shit because HE LEFT HIS OWN FUCKING CONCERT. And none is saying he cant also show his feelings, its completely fine for him to write about her since she can do it too. Stop trying to make justin the good guy and taylor the bad guy, because thats seriously not true. You don’t know either of them.

      • MCMimi

        You don’t know them either but yet still are talking shit about him and not Taylor. Potraying her as a goodie and him as a bad one. Biased people again, on OU I get to read the biggest hypocrites with no common sense ever, I guess OU’s a Bieber hate page now and MIley’s. OU posts only bad shit and FALSE stories but the truth and good? Never. Have fun being brainwashed by them. I knew people will take Taylor’s side, America’s Sweetheart who would hate her? But lets hate on the Bieber kid who is COOL to hate on, fuck him and his feelings right? Good one. Idiotic society has this become.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      tldr; moral of the story — stop stanning so hard for Justin it’s not working.

    • jfc

      AS IF TAYLOR DOESN’T GET SHIT BECAUSE OF HER SONGS. You’re definitely a belieber, and this is such a biased opinion, either that, or you live under a rock. “Well she was hurt, she wanted to get her feelings out.” um, hello, newsflash, music is a way of expression, so obviously, she expresses herself in music. she’s lyrically excellent, you can’t even begin to compare her lyrical capability to justin’s. had taylor publically embarrassed herself the way justin continually does, she would have received 327467865783456874 times the hate justin does.

      • MCMimi

        No one gets more hate then JB does. Sorry wake up, he gets shit for everything even when other people do THE FUCKING SAME media doesn’t care and ignore it, BUT he does it LETS NOW TALK ABOUT IT FOR 5 MONTHS. Oh God this site is the biggest hypocrite ever and everyone on it, OU used to be the shit. Now it’s full of hateful brainwashed scumbags.

    • Silver


      – Perfect description of Justin. You DO deserve an award, but you forgot, flag sweeping, gay, druggie, graffiti vandal, has been, filthy Canadian.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Did I miss something? Though I do not believe Hollywood Life for anything why is it wrong for Justin to make a song about Taylor? Taylor has confessed to making songs about people because that’s how she expresses herself but if he does it he’s wrong.. I get that whole not liking him part what I don’t get is the personal hate for him. Only Taylor and Justin know what happened to their friendship.

    • Emilia

      Because he is placing the blame of his failed relationship solely on Taylor, and to have the arrogance to actually write a song shading your ex-girlfriends best-friend for disapproving of you. There’s a reason why friends disapprove of their friend’s boyfriends because they treat their friends shitty. Who do you think girls vent to about their relationship problems? Their friends!

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        He never said it was solely about Taylor , he re-tweeted a tweet that said it was shade towards her.. So what? I don’t see the seriousness in this. We will never truly know what really happened. If he wants to write about her let him, I don’t see her wasting her time retaliating.

    • delusional

      Who said that it’s wrong of him to write a song about it? Taylor previously said in an interview that whoever would like to write a song about her, can feel free it, it works both way.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        “Who said that it’s wrong of him to write a song about it?” I’m guessing you didn’t read the comments.. OKAY.

  • tre

    Is selena that weak she cant fight her own battle now? taylor should not butt in any of their business to be honest, if taylor is Justin and selena friend she should stay neutral and listen to both of their stories, selena likes to play victim when she isn’t one, she play people like puppets and taylor should not fall for it, taylor should not ruined her friendship with bieber no matter what happen between him and selena because does she really know selena story or selena version, selena lies and makeup stuff and plays the victim, taylor should know better, she should listen to both of their stories and stay neutral, selena can fight her own battle and if she cant then she shouldn’t no date until she can.I don’t think taylor is the only one she tell her sad story she tells everyone, the minute bieber and her broke up everyone she knows stared shading him, she even join in the media bashing, and shading him, she very jelouse, vindictive and cold when she wants to damage someone reputation. she plays innocent but if people really look at all the shading she does and all the things you will know she tells everyone. so taylor should not go against bieber selena, lies and put stories that make herself look like the victim., she is after all an actress even her book say it.

    • anon

      Taylor is smarter than that. She would not finish a friendship just for something Selena told her while she knew she was bitter. Taylor was fine with Justin until the Billboard Awards. My guess is that he was rude to her sometime backstage.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Actually Taylor, Selena, Red head friend, Justin & Za went out to eat the same night.

        • Cara

          No, Taylor, Selena, Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone had dinner together. Taylor and Justin definetely had some tension going on. His friend and him didn’t even stand and clap when she won. And you can tell she didnt care for his antics.

          • Kylie

            Ed Sheeran, her bestie didn’t have good words for Beiber that night either.

          • Jeanette Grimshaw

            but ed and justin are friends now

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Well there were pics of them that night so I guess.

  • cerenagee

    I wouldn’t be surprise if she did. She uses real life situations as inspiration. Kanye dissed her she retaliated. She made 15 for her bestfriends situation so why not this?

  • Anon

    “You know how females and how they like to run their mouths” Forget that the song is about taylor, the song itself is just seriously terrible. The lyrics are not good at all and the beat sounds like all the other Music Monday stuff he has released. And his voice just isn’t good anymore. And how dare he categorize “females” like that, when his entire fanbase is teenage girls and he wouldnt be anywhere without them. Its degrading, honestly. Taylor could show him how its done and write and song 10x better than this.

  • Geo. Logic

    Wow, what a crappy song by Bieber… He just gets worse and worse.

  • jink

    “Taylor is very protective of Selena, 21, and never approved of her dating Justin. ”

    SERIOUSLY? SELENA GOMEZ IS 21, NOT A CHILD! Selena probably is an easy person to manipulate, insecure people in general are. It’s ok to give your own opinion, but just because your friend doesn’t approve your relationship… If Taylor really did this, she shouldn’t be acting like Selena’s mom. Fucksake, immature girl. Both of them are, in fact, they deserve each other.

    • jfc

      well she’s old enough to know who’s fab and who’s drab :-)

  • boystan

    What’d this messy phag say about queen Taylor?

  • Clauber


  • ddfhj

    Bieber, Swift, Gomez – all these people need to grow up and stop using phony drama to get attention from the press. They should also stop using phony relationships to get attenton from the press, but one step at a time, right?

  • johnny

    Why did him and Selena keep breaking up and getting back together? This is what he should write about. Honestly he must have messed up. Or cheated, but I doubt she keep going back if he cheated.

  • Julia

    Lol I’d buy the song, in the end of the day it’s like Bieber is blaming Taylor for the fact him and Selena broke up….when he should be blaming he’s cheating ass deluded druggie self.

  • Gar Wilso

    yeah i think taylor swift should just keep living her life knowing she’s done it all and nobody can really hate