Bieber Disrespects Argentinean Flag

From Belen from Argentina: ‘Here is a video of Justin Bieber sweeping Argentina flag during his concert, he was being totally disrespectful.’ Bratty Baby Bieby also unfollowed former BFF Lil Twist on Twitter!

  • boystan


  • loli

    He does that in every concert!! He did the same when he came to Paraguay :( He is behaving like such a bratt.

  • cerenagee


  • anon

    maybe he is just clueless

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    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I think he is clueless.. and a blatant asshole as well.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Im going to just start calling him Chris Brown Jr.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    It makes me laugh hysterically when the ignorant stans are like ‘all ppl pay attention to is the bad, look at all the good *insert pix of bieby taking pix with disabled/povertystruck/hospital children*’ like ok, but you do know that whole shit was set up and is a paid photo opp. Let’s not pretend that’s what he’s actually like — these candid moments like SO and pissing in a mop bucket and etc are his true colors!

    • cerenagee

      seriously, its fucking pathetic at this point. theres no way of denying that he is being such a diva at this point.

  • g

    how is this bratty. All you people do is find stupid ass reasons to hate on the kid. Nothing should be thrown on stage to begin with.. I don’t see any problem with him sweeping it out. What did you want him to do? Pick it up and run around in circles with it? Is it a rule that you HAVE to pick up every flag thrown on stage? My god, you people are pathetic.

    • cerenagee

      omg YOU are the true pathetic one here. stfu dude like ferreal take a crash course on what respect is especially in other countries.

    • immabetrolling
      • cerenagee

        hahahaha too good. i cant

    • Me

      No one was expecting him to run in circles with it, people just wanted some respect you know? Why didn’t he use his hand to move it away?. And there IS a problem with sweeping it out, because is a disrespectful and rude gesture.

  • immabetrolling

    Ugh, him again.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    @boystan:disqus stop commenting for like a week so I can catch up to the top commenters– jesus christ! Im late in this OU game, I need some notoriety that I deserve! *hairflip*

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      I didn’t know you could tag people :o

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        the OU world is everychanging. I am literally discovering new shit everyday lmao, btw, is that you in your pic? so pretty da fuq. I couldnt tell if it was olivia culpo or…

        • cerenagee

          I’ve literally been visiting OU since 2008. It has come so far im so proud hahaha

          • in jesus name i pray amen

            wait were you here during the anons/rose/anna/jordans/disco days? LOL… I only creeped back then

          • cerenagee

            hell yeah dude. I’ve been here forever. Lowkey going to admit something thats pretty embarrassing haha but I literally found out about this site back in the myspace days because I used to RP hahaha. OU and justjared where my fave sites. But i never made an account until like a few months ago because I was so annoyed with Miley and see irritated with Sel bashers.

          • in jesus name i pray amen

            omg we live the same life. SAME. I just started commenting via a user recently — and was anonymously commenting back then cuz the site was so vicious back then. NOW WE CAN B QUEEN BITCHES’S

          • cerenagee

            i thought we already were ;)

          • in jesus name i pray amen

            omg i bow down to you. These words are too kind & humbling! May we rule long & prosper

          • cerenagee

            hahaha i fucking love you already.

          • getlikemiley

            holla i used to rp

          • cerenagee

            I honestly miss the rp days hahaha honestly as lame as that is they were so much fun. And I became a pro at Photoshop and photofiltre haha

          • getlikemiley

            lol i miss it too! i stopped about two ago. people still do on and YES i love that i am so good with photoshop now.

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  • getlikemiley

    I hate seeing him like this because i was such a fan and now he’s acting like a punk. He’s starting to look bad also.

  • miki

    How does he even have fans?! he is such a jerk.

  • TruthHurts

    I wonder what Lil Twist has to say now about Selena… since he was one of her main haters on that Exposing SMG tumblr thingy… lol.

  • JG

    Im from ARGENTINA and i WAS a fan… now i hate him. FUCK U BIEBER!

  • Godney

    Last night he did a concert in my country, same night as Lana Del Rey , Travis, Mala Rodríguez y Palma Violet did in the Indie Fun Fest. ALL OF THEM pick up the flag and said thank you. ALL of them took the flag with respect. Lana had 2 flag to her she took them smiled at the crowd said thanks and then handed them to her people. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOST TO DO!!.
    You take the flag and hand them to your people if you dont want it on stage or have it in your hand all the time.

  • FU CK YOU JUSTINAAA drogon gil





  • Larry: It hurts staying apart!

    He is murdering his own glamorous fate with his own hands and dick. what a pussy.

  • Bhknj

    Wow Justin bieber is gay he is in drugs he doesn’t love their fans what is wrong with him? This guy have problems