Miley Tour W/ Icona Pop Sky Ferreira

Icona Pop & Sky Ferreira will join Miley on her BANGERZ World Tour.

Miley covered Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’. Listen above!

  • boystan

    i’m so excited to see them omg

  • Alii

    I liked it when she didn’t try singing like Rihanna or Lana or country. I liked it when it was just her voice like at 3:44, that was beautiful. I didn’t like :40 “you da best” or 2:06 when she says “nigh-yight” And she even combined the two at 1:30 and said “baby you da be-hyest.” lol Pick a genre!

    • :)

      WTF??? Did you study the video much???

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    what OU said on twitter is mfte. “That’s going to be one drug induced tour– Coke lines & weed for everyone!”

  • :)

    Awsome cover!!!!!! Getting great reviews!!!!

    Damn, can’t wait to see her in concert.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I actually didn’t hate the cover! Very interesting take on the song, in fact (dare I say it?) I enjoyed it. Ive never HATED Miley’s singing for the record, it was always her antics & behavior.

  • claudface_delrey

    This was flawless, hands down.

  • cerenagee

    This makes me interested in buying tix for february again. pricing isnt too bad actually!