Taylor Swift Eminem Lose Yourself Cover

Taylor Swift & Fall Out Boy will perform at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013. The lingerie special, which takes place Wednesday at the Lexington Armory in New York, airs on Tuesday, Dec. 10, at 10 PM on CBS.

  • steve

    Oh mi gosh this sucks ….she sings like she was 12 years old or so rthing poor emien mi ears are hurt sooo badly :(:(:(

  • getlikemiley

    lol just a preview of her next album

  • Jen

    Love the country take on this song…wish she knew the lyrics better though

  • cerenagee

    Haha ehhh wasn’t as totally terrible as I was expecting.

  • ety

    love her laugh at the end

  • Anon

    She sounds really young here. Pretty sure this is back from like 2007 when she was like 17. Her more recent cover in 2011 was a lot better. She’s still so cute though lol

  • Lara

    I never realize how annoying her voice sounds. Until now.