Demi ‘Thought Career Was Over At Rehab’

demi-lovato-no-makeupDemi Lovato told Entertainment Weekly: ‘I used to think [I’m not a role model] too. That was my excuse to do whatever the f*** I wanted and not give a s*** about what people thought. Then I ended up going through some stuff. I realized I’m never going to escape the fact that I’m in the public eye, so I might as well do the best I can. When I was in treatment, I honestly thought my career was over. But when I came out of treatment, I had more supportive fans than ever.’

On writing her book: ‘I’m battling with internal thoughts on how honest I should be. Yes I’ve been very honest, but if people really knew how dark and deep my struggles got, not just with my eating disorder but with drugs and alcohol, they’d be really shocked. But I’ll most likely end up saying everything. Maybe it’ll help other people in the industry who are headed down the wrong path.’

On watching Miley: ‘She’s having fun and figuring out who she is, and this is the age when that happens. I think that she’s doing her own thing. Good for her.’

  • cerenagee

    I was so proud of her for being so open about her struggles. It made me respect her soooo much more after she got out of rehab and shared her story. the fact that she went that low and rose back made her such an inspiration to me.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      She really did need the help, bc before I thought she was a raging out of control bitch. After treatment she got a lot better. So glad that Hannah Meth is out of the pic with her (or so I hope/pray)

  • Cici

    I love her. I love how she actually grew up and took control and got help. But I wish she would stop hiding how she really feels about Miley’s drug use. It is ike everyone is afraid to say something about it! Miley needs help, and it will get to that level Demi was at if no one comes in and saves her. Miley’s “friends” arent going to do it. They want to be all about it, and hang with the one person who can buy whatever drug they want, and get them into whatever party is going on. SO sad.

    • cerenagee

      I agree. I think Demi feels like she needs to be there for Miley and keep her mouth shut since Miley didnt judge Demi’s drug use.

  • Amy

    I loved demi when she was in camp rock and I even went to one of her concerts. Then I stopped loving her after she got out of rehab, not because she had been to rehab, but because I felt like she was milking her problems for all they were worth to try and create a career out of them. I felt like all she cared about was staying famous. But now I genuinely like her again. I feel like she is at the point where when she is talking about her problems she isn’t hoping to gain anything from it anymore. Now she has become an excellent remodel.

    • Jeanette Grimshaw

      I have always loved demi and when she spoke out about her problems to help others it made me like her more

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I hate when celebs are so nonchalant/coy about Miley’s performance. Can we all just agree that she is just one hot muthafuckin mess?

  • getlikemiley

    I love that she got help and has bettered herself. You don’t see that very often. Bieber needs to give her a call.

  • Silver

    I started writing out a comment and then I just got tired…. whatever. Meh.