Miley Cyrus To Perform In Israel In 2014

miley-bambiMiley Ray Cyrus will perform in Israel next summer, according to Israel’s Channel 2. Negotiations are nearly finalized for a June 2014 performance in a yet-undetermined venue. Last month, many Jewish people were furious for Miley’s comments about Jews in the recording industry that were interpreted as anti-Semitic.

Miley described a disconnect between the influence of older record executives and young listeners, and said that ‘[i]t can’t be like this 70-year-old Jewish man that doesn’t leave his desk all day, telling me what the clubs want to hear.’ The comment received wide attention in the Israeli media, where some outlets accused Cyrus of outright anti-Semitism.

The Dutch authorities have announced an investigation into Miley Cyrus seemingly smoking a joint during the MTV EMAs in Amsterdam on Sunday (November 10). Miley took what looked like a half-smoked joint out of her handbag and lit it up inside the venue, in an incident later edited out of the US broadcast of the show.

Tjitte Mastenbroek of the National Food and Consumer Authority (NVWA) told AFP: ‘We received complaints about smoking which was also seen on television. We have to investigate. We will shortly be meeting the Ziggo Dome’s management to check what exactly happened there.

There is a smoking ban in public places in the Netherlands. Employees have the right to a smoke-free environment and this includes camera and sound personnel. After meeting the Ziggo Dome’s management we will decide whether possible steps will be taken.’ Marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands, but possession and sale of the drug has been de facto decriminalised since 1976.

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    There is no country called Israel, it’s called Palestine