Victoria Justice Wants Lorde Collaboration

victoria-justice-lorde (1)Victoria Justice told Hollywood Life is hoping to record new music: ‘I really love Lorde. And I just found out she’s only 16! She’s really cool. And to collaborate with her would be great, especially since she writes her own music and I write my own music. I really admire her because of that.’

Do YOU think Victoria should collaborate with Lorde?


  • cerenagee

    omg she is gorgeous. I love her outfit. I love how fall it is. Cranberry colored jeans, eff yesss

  • Alii

    They kind of have similar voices, velvety deep.

  • anon

    I’m confused by her career post-Victorious. I thought her album would be out by now but instead she put that on hold to do a movie and a pilot for MTV. Okay, but I hope they turn out better than Fun Size.
    For the record, I actually really like her voice.

  • Rinnie

    As if victoria keep reaching
    mabey she might write a song for you but lets not push the envelop until you do somthing sucessful

  • Cici

    Victoria, you’re going nowhere. Stahp

    • cerenagee

      SERIOUSLY lol its funny to me that she feels like she’s even big enough to suggest a collab with Lorde

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        THIS. can she be real with herself for one second? That’s like fucking bella thorne asking to collab with fucking whitney houston. NOT GONNA HAPPEN

        • in jesus name i pray amen

          aside from the fact that whitney houston is dead… *whoops* but you get my example

  • lol

    She needs to stop hitching herself to all these companies and their lame social media marketing campaigns. A few months ago she did that ridiculous thing with Zumba fitness and now she’s shilling for Ugg boots. Is she hard up for cash or something? She should take a step back and get serious about her acting career – take some classes maybe, focus on being part of intelligent projects with something to say, try to aim higher than simply being a tool for corporate America.

  • gurl bye

    Gurl Bye. Only reason her average voice has been signed s because it was lauched of her show, or Nickelodeon.


    I would like to hear that collab. Vic has a great voice but she sort of dropped off the face of the earth musically. And Lorde is sort of exclusive about who she works with lol so idk if she’d be up for that.

    • doubtful

      I don’t think Lorde would be inclined to collaborate with Victoria given that she doesn’t seem to think too highly of other female singers in her age group.

  • boystan

    ew no back off you flop

  • Guest

    After her massive flops “gold” and “shake” I’m sure she would like to work with any successful artist.

    • cerenagee

      bahaha seriously

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      crying omg

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Can we stop trying to make UGGs happen? I get the rage in 2008-2010, but let them RIP. plz & thx

  • getlikemiley


    • in jesus name i pray amen

      maybe in another life, like if she were lady gaga or something.

  • B

    Yall are being sooo rude.
    She just said she’d really like doing that.
    A lot other NOT super singer do that.
    Why is it now such a big deal?
    And actually she aint a flop. Her voice is strong. But her managemant totally sucks. They arent pushing her a bit which is sad.