Demi ‘Sweet Suspense Is No 5th Harmony’

Sweet Suspense: ‘Our relationship isn’t fake. Our chemistry is real. We do have fun on stage, but we do need to work on things as a group.’ Demi responded to ‘Mickey’ performance: ‘They’re no Fifth Harmony.’

Sweet Suspense: ‘It’s obviously evident we’re not Fifth Harmony. We are Sweet Suspense. There’s already a Fifth Harmony out there, and they’re ridiculously talented–we’re not trying to be them. There’s room for another girl group in the market.

We like to consider ourselves mainly an R&B/pop group. Although we can add a little soulful stuff in there, a ballad, maybe a rock song. “We love to do this fun stuff, that’s what we’re trying to show America. We want to show people that ‘Hey, we’re lots of fun!’ but we can also sing.’

Do YOU think Sweet Suspense will succeed after X-Factor?

Simon Cowell told LATINA about Demi Lovato: ‘Demi brings a fresh perspective, she’s obviously younger and she comes at this from an artist’s perspective. That’s why I wanted her on the panel. She represents the younger fans and knows what kind of music they will buy. Plus, she is lippy, you can’t shut her up!

She says what’s on her mind. This girl does not sugarcoat it and I like that about he. She is genuine and she’s been through a lot and has been very honest about it all.’


  • Duckyhoward15

    Like 5h are anything Demi they are STARTING , keep kissing Simon’s ass Demi he will end the show and ditch you SO SOON

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      unless the show is pulled before that cuz of the ratings… lol just a thought

      • Duckyhoward15

        Totally agree

  • Shannon

    That was kinda bitchy demi..

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      mfte… give these girls a chance! They’re actually pretty good! I wish they were more about vocals tho.. cuz the half asian girl and black girl are insanely talented. It’s that barbie chick who needs to gtfo

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Okay but Simon is so controlling… I wonder if he was that way with 1D. Like he is intimidating controlling.

  • dancer145

    Well for any one who watched that part last night I think that is about the rudest thing Demi could have said. Obviously she loves 5th harmony because she was the couch and there opening for her. But still what a bitch move. That was actually the only part I saw.

  • anon

    I dont think they’re that bad, on the other hand the judges keep praising the group of three guys which imo are not that goo. Anyways I like The Voice better, just watch the X-factor because of boredom.

  • anonymous

    wilmer’s hoe has nothing useful to say

  • Tina

    Okay so first of all, they’re supposed to be the fun group but that doesn’t translate into their performance at all. It was very dull for such a fun song. Stage presence is so important! Secondly, the vocals need work. The girl in the middle can really sing though. The other girls need to step it up and they all need to work on their harmonies. Lastly, they have no chemistry with each other. It’s obvious that they don’t really know each other. They need to fix it. Bond.

    Personally, I don’t like any of these girl groups coming out of these talent shows. They’re boring. If you watch Destiny’s Child or TLC or even the Spice Girls – heck you can even take it back to The Supremes – they’re fierce! These new girls just don’t seem to have that same effect on the audience.

  • Laara

    I agreed, It was boring as hell.

  • Casey

    I went to high school with Summer (The mixed one) and she’s seriously so much more talented than this. That girl can sing like whitney houston status. Amazing. It’s such a shame the producers have her hidden behind cheesy dance moves, unflattering music, and a superimposed “sisterhood”.

    • lols

      That’s why The Voice is SO MUCH better. In my country we have a The Voice too and we love it because it’s not based on looks. The mentors are not trying to make the most produced performance ever with crazy fashion clothes and bubble gum pop songs. The singers have almost no help of dancing moves, production or other people on stage unless them. They only have their talent on stage. X-Factor is very fucked up.

      • Andy

        I agree, The Voice focuses more on the real talent, and they have contestants with HUGE talent, but the only bad thing is that after the contestants win or leave the competition there’s no continuity for them, you never see them in the charts like other artist that came out from contests .. I love cassadee pope but you barely see her on charts, and she has REAL talent .. and X Factor has had more artist on charts, they really have a shot on making in big.

  • Siel

    And Demi is no Taylor Swift.

    What the hell is Demi’s point?

    • laura

      Her point is that they are not as talented as 5th harmony is and that they don’t have as much stage presence as they do.
      I don’t watch the xfactor at all since I’m Belgian so I looked up some of their performances and I have to admit, Demi is right. But, I don’t find 5th harmony that amazing either so idk..

  • Lyssa

    Demi act likes Fifth Harmony is the best shit out there. When in reality they’re really not. Anyone that can sing can sound like them. I don’t see anything “special” about them. They’re just gonna end up like Danity Kane and break up. But Little Mix that’s one legit girl group. They can SING and dance their ass off plus they’re waaay prettier <3

  • Amanda

    Sweet Suspense is sooo much better than fifth unison! Fifth unison couldn’t even dance or do a upbeat song in x factor. They always sang slow ass boring songs. & they’re performance me&my girls was ratchet as fuck. So messy. SMH little girls these days don’t know real music. Bye

  • Jon

    Demi only said that because she wants to sell tickets on her tour. Hahaha Demi is smart. But sorry Fifth Harmony is not even that good. Sweet Suspense all the way!

  • Yanes

    5th harmony definitely lip sing on their last performance. that was so funny.

  • Rylie

    Fifth Harmony = bubblegum little kids songs
    Little Mix = r&b/soul/pop
    while Sweet Suspense does all of the above

  • rockabella

    When Demi said “They’re no 5th Harmony” to Sweet Suspense and then I saw 5th Harmony’s performance the other night I was like lol yeah Sweet Suspense is no 5th Harmony because Sweet Suspense CAN actually sing.