Louis Tomlinson Grandpa On Gay Rumor

louis-grandfather-gay (1)Louis Tomlinson’s grandfather Keith responded to a fan on Twitter wrote: ‘Louis is gay’ with ‘What an odious person you are’, reports Sugarscape. Some defended the original tweeter:

‘I would love to know how what she said was odious in any way shape or form. There’s nothing bad OR WRONG about what she said.’ Keith: ‘I assure you there was. Vile little pottty mouth’. Some fans defended Keith: ‘don’t let those low live fans feel they need to dictate Louis’ life! They are disrespectful and are set in their ways.’ Keith then posted: ‘Goodnight disbelievers #sorrylou #sorryel’

Why does Louis family get so defensive over gay rumors and not Harry’s?

  • cerenagee


  • Julia

    haha maybe they’re so defensive because they know he’s gay but don’t want to admit it…don’t get me wrong people like their fans who don’t actually know louis shouldn’t be tweeting anyone in he’s family about being “gay” but why so defensive? being gay is normal, why are they acting like it would be the end of the world?

    • anony

      or maybe his family is religious

  • Cici

    Or he’s defensive because they are very conservative people?

  • anon

    They are actually incredibly rude, annoying, slightly homophobic AND attention seeking or he is indeed gay.

    • Anna

      The things fans tweet get pretty nasty when it comes to the whole gay rumor stuff. Most of the stuff said back in defense isn’t nearly as bad as what was originally said. There is a difference between being defensive over someone you care about and being attention seeking. They may be homophobic, but some people just are and that doesn’t make them bad people.

  • cerenagee

    Maybe they get so defensive because its not true and they’re probably super over it….just a thought

  • live.love.learn.

    It IS odious when people who have never met and don’t know him in real life think they know his sexuality better than he and his family do. Not to mention incredibly creepy…

    And I do get the feeling that Louis’ family is more conservative than Harry’s hence their different reactions, but that’s their business. They have every right to be upset with false rumors and death threats.

  • LoveLee

    Or maybeeee because Louis has a girlfriend that they really like and Harry hasn’t. C’mon, y’all, get with it.

  • Misha Collins

    Whats up with this family? Why are they all so fame hungry. I couldn’t care less if people said my borhter was gay, nor would my brother. If you’re confident with your sexuality than who gives a flying fuck what other people say????!!!!!!!!!

  • KK

    Because people HARASS Louis and his family. They’re not ‘attention-seeking’ for responding to incredibly rude, entitled, delusional people.

  • K