Miley ‘Smoked Joint At EMAs For My Fans’

Miley Cyrus Tokes Up At MTV European Music AwardsMiley Cyrus revealed while she lit a joint in Amsterdam during EMAs: ‘I just did it mostly ’cause I knew the fans in Amsterdam would love it. And I knew that the whole place would go super wild. It’s just not something I think about. I was just was walking out of my room and then I was like ‘oh I have this in my bag. That will be really funny. I didn’t say anything to anybody. And I don’t tell anyone I’m going to do it. Some people just over think so much.’

Miley is set to hit the stage during Sunday’s November 17 X Factor results show: ‘I’m doing something a little different, I’ve got something amazing built for this performance, that’s all I’m gonna say. It will be really beautiful. That place is so big and it’s so intimidating. It’s so awkward singing in front of a judge panel even though you’re not being judged.

It’s very big, it’s very odd. ‘Cause you’re, like, with all these other singers and everything. So I wanted to build something that kept me a little separate and made me feel like I could be in an intimate space.’

  • Cici

    Ignorance….but are her legs two different colors or is that just awkward lighting? lol

  • Julia

    What’s up with her leg it looks like half of its been painted lol….yeah of course it was prearranged bullshit why would you take your purse on stage with you?

  • cerenagee

    dude maybe you SHOULD think things through a little more Miley. it wasn’t funny it was retarded and was like dude wuit trying so damn hard.

  • cerenagee

    On a side note, props to her for being able to walk in this shoes. damn. work it.

  • nonfiction

    miley we all know you wanted attention from it like everything else you do nowadays. so thirsty.