Nick & Joe Jonas Telehit Performance

Interview under! Did YOU cry watching since they are over?

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  • anon

    Did YOU cry watching..?
    like a son of a bitch

  • true

    Joe’s voice has really improved wow. nick’s hasnt though. joe definitely stole the show. nick look surprised that joe was singing the high parts in love bug. you can tell theres tension still.

    • Anon

      I think nicks voice has improved when he was 15 he was really whinny and screechy, joes voice was always warmer, softer like butter. I think Joes voice has gotten deeper though and that he’s improved as a singer.

      • Anon

        Plus Joe always the frontman so yeah he’s bound to steal the show

  • Nn

    Never thought I’d say this. Always thought Nick was a nice person. But Nick came off as such a cold douche in the interview. Joe has so much more warmth and genuine caring when speaking to people or speaking of his family. Have no intention of following Nick’s career or even caring about what he does next. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Joe, though.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Nick is a tool. Rooting for Joe and Kevin.

      • Anonom


    • Julia

      It’s true, though i’ve never met Kevin I met Joe and Nick back in 2010 and Joe was asking how I was and thanking me for coming to see him and gives hugs and Nick just like *takes photo* and leaves…I’m not saying he’s rude, he’s nice enough to take photos and smile and say hi but nothing about him radiates warmth.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    So is Kevin just like “Fuck it!” ? Why was he not there?

  • Cici

    Not gonna lie..this made me sad a little..haha. But Joe’s vocals are on point! Im rooting for all of them. They are all different with different dreams

  • anon

    Joe is going to LA, Nick is going to NY.

  • lola

    true, Nick is a douche and as much as i don’t wanna contribute his ego to get even bigger, i have admit he’s really talented. I kinda dislike him as a person now but as an artist i can’t help loving the kid. His voice melts me

  • lola

    Joe is a big teddy bear i just wanna hug him really tight

  • anon

    I think Joe was struggling with his voice this last tour because it got deeper. But Paul said two things about the boys that he was impressed with Nick (the musical genius) and with Joe’s vocal range. I wonder how well Joe would sound if he got voice lessons like Nick did when he did Broadway.

    • anon

      Paul as in the producer Paul, not their dad btw.

      • Julia

        I always call there dad Papa Jonas avoids confusion haha

  • Cici

    wasnt the same without Kevin though :/

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    My poor heart. I still have Love Bug on my phone. I miss them more now. Weird. I believe Nick (who was my fave until 2 months ago) really did fuck this band over.

    • ashleyofcourse


      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Yessss! And I had to give it to him, Joe sounded so much better than Nick in that song.

      • anon
        • JJ456

          I love Joe on that show, he was adorable! And I love his version of “give love a try”.

  • Didi

    I was so lucky to saw them yesterday on a vip place, they laugh a lot, the looked me in the eyes, I mean they sing amazing, we missed Kev but they were amazing, almost all the stadium was there for them… 0ver 60000 my twitter is @ddwolrd8 for any video or picture

  • ashleyofcourse

    uhm where be ma hubby kevy?
    ill watch when someone photoshops his pregnant self into the video…

    • ashleyofcourse

      but make it soon cause i really want to see the video

  • sups18

    I think they should have done the tour as like a farewell tour to fans…I think that would be appreciated by fans.

  • kl

    Have there ever been a time, when all three of the brothers was taken???

  • pily

    If i cry? Yes alot </3

  • Lara

    I swear to god, I can’t stand Nick anymore. I honestly can’t. Did you see how Joe just keep looking at him (I supposed to do the hand thing they used to) Or something and he just keep walking away and ignore Joe. I can’t believe how he changed.

    btw. Joe shined so freaking much and literally stole the show.

    & sorry for my english, I do my best :)

    • JJ456

      I agree on both. It also looked like Nick forgot to tell Joe that they are starting “love bug” from the chorus.

  • Gyvuhj

    Yeah joe jonas and nick are back to their country United States safe and sound I was worried about them because I was afraid that they get kill in that country Mexico wow a relief I love them so much

    • Uio

      Why you say that jonas they only went there for 2 days don’t be exagerering

    • mariaa

      Jelous much?

      • Gyvuhj

        Haha what I have to be jealous ? Please you are the jealous because you wish to live in the United States with jonas brothers jaja me jealous ?

        • Ffghjbh

          Haha yeah that Mexican Indian needs to get a life really

      • Ty

        Haha jealous you are so fucking ignorant and please learn how to speak in English because your grammar is so embarrassed jaja

  • TheLostChord

    I feel like such a girl being the only one to point this out, but is no one going to mention how awkward it was that they brought Miley and Selena and asked them which one they would date? Haha Joe laughed, and Nick looked pissed/ confused. I wish they would have thrown in Demi and Taylor’s names, that would been hysterical.

    • JJ456

      Nick dated both so what is the point of this question? it was in bad taste but it was worth it just to see Joe laughing :)

  • BangBang

    Well that was awkward.