Robbie Williams ‘Miley Will Go To Rehab’

20th MTV Europe Music Awards - ArrivalsSinger Robbie Williams, who has done two stints in rehab himself told Female First: ‘Miley’s got the world talking and looking at her. And the spotlight that’s now upon her is rehab-making. It has a detrimental effect on your psyche. I’ve had a similar light shine on my direction and it f***s you up – for a long time..

She’s a kid who looks as though she’s rebelling against her father and rebelling against the industry that put her in a Hannah Montana-shaped box.’ Miley and Bieber will obviously both go to rehab at some point. Do YOU think Miley will be in rehab first?

  • Alii

    I think Bieber’s first.

  • cerenagee

    I think Justin will first because of his mom. Miley’s parents are accepting of it.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Oh they will both def end up in rehab, though I think Justin will make that trip first. Though both sets of parents seem to let them do whatever with no guidance.

  • Cici

    Beiber because I think his mom is genuinely worried, and caring, and not so much mooching & trying to live vicariously through her famous child. Unless Billy Ray finally grow his balls and becomes a father again.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      and on the eight day, @Cici bestowed truth uponst the world.

  • laura

    I think it be good for her, so she can get out of the spot lights for a while and live a somewhat normal life.
    I kind of feel sorry for these child stars because they never had a normal youth and had to grow up in front of the entire world. They weren’t allowed to make mistakes because for some reason, parents find that celebrities are responsible for their children.. It’s only normal that Justin, Miley, Amanda, Lindsay, Demi, etc kind of ended up like this. At least Demi realized it was necessary to get help and she checked in to rehab and I hope the rest does too.
    ps: I do know Lindsay has gone to rehab as well but I don’t know too much about her situation now.

    • -

      i think lindsay has already relapsed, sadly

  • bfgfd

    Justin isn’t even addicted to anything? But whatever I think Miley will be the first because she’s obviously done

    • laura

      idk he smokes weed from time to time which isn’t really a problem but his behavior isn’t very acceptable if you ask me..
      I think it’d be better if he would just take a break for a while or talk to a shrink or something just so he feels better in his mind. He honestly can’t help it, he just didn’t have a normal youth and so I think how he acts now is quite logic. Same with all the other child stars.

    • Cici

      I think Justin just has some shitty & using friends.

  • true

    While i think miley NEEDS to go first, i think beiber will be the one to actually do it first. both of their parents need a slap in the face for ALLOWING this behavior just because of the money flow. its sad and only making them act worse because they equate their money to power, which is probably why both of them have huge egos and think they can get away with anything. look at the parents first though. tish is not only allowing it but doing it with her. and pattie just turns a blind eye towards the shit justin does. thats why they will never learn until: A. they hit rock bottom or B. the money stops coming in. sad to see this inevitable spiral for both of them cause they do have talent but it will go away if they keep it up.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I voted for Justin bc while I think Miley is crazier, I think she’s doing it all for attention bc she’s thirsty. Justin on the other hand is doing it behind closed doors which is almost worse, bc hes not doing it for attention, he’s doing it for what it is (hard drugs).

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    PLOT TWIST: They both go in at the same time.

  • Godney

    Robbie my baby dont waste your amazing voice talking about these ew celeb.

    *Plays “Go Gentle”.