Selena ‘Taylor & I Dated Jonases Together’

Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bikini Body In MiamiSelena Gomez interview. Immediately prior to interviewing US singer and actor Selena Gomez in her dressing room in Florida comes the warning: ‘You know you can’t ask about Justin or Miley?’ Selena revealed: ‘I went on the road in Australia with my ex-boyfriend. I loved it. That’s why I secretly wanted to extend this tour, to make sure I could go to Australia. I didn’t get to do much last time, I’m probably going to be a complete tourist this time around.

..I’ve become very paranoid (of cameras). Half the time I didn’t know I was being filmed [Backstage at Awards shows], can I tell you now that I’m more aware of it! Taylor and I dated Jonas brothers together. We met when she was 18. I was 15 or 16. She was so great to me. Then we became best friends.

She would fly out to see me when I was going through something really hard. We’d eat a lot of fattening food and vent. I learnt a lot from her. She’s an amazing musician. Everything I go through or say is filtered through her eyes and vision.’

On dropping Lorde cover from concert in favor of Katy Perry: ‘I am a big fan (of Lorde), honestly. I think she’s doing something extremely cool and new. I’m stoked for her. I don’t tear people down. I respect everybody’s path. That’s all I’ll say.’

On her new tour: ‘I’ve done this entire tour on my own, I didn’t have my parents with me, I was completely single. I’ve really grown, it’s been good for me. Now I have a lot more to say.’ On Spring Breakers: ‘That’s the kind of controversy I like to stir up. You either loved or hated that movie. A lot of people wanted to know why I did that movie. But it was a way I made people feel something. Was it a risk? Um, yeah! But it was time.

I am who I am. I’ve tried to be other things and I don’t know how to do it. There’s a reason those little kids are still in the crowd. I respect the trust I have with that crowd. And the parents. They get it. Spring Breakers is rated R, kids can’t get into a rated R movie. Done. Then I did Hotel Transylvania, which is an animation kids got to go see. It’s just how you carry yourself.’


  • threelittlebirds

    her face looks bloated. bad angle.

    • Tash

      Hed face always looks that way. She has a big head. Im not picking on her. I’ve just always noticed and wondered why others didn’t too. Her and Justin look like bobble head dolls. Especially given both their tiny frames and lanky limbs.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        I laughed soooo much.

      • IGround

        My friend and I call her “pumpkin” haha In a sweet way, of course. We love her.

  • johnny

    Why did the interviewer keep that part about not asking about Justin or Miley in there. Its so unprofessional and trying to start beef.

  • cerenagee

    totally. It’s like the interviewer was trying to stir the pot and Selena was like look just stop you know you can’t be asking those things. Picture is obviously a candid and isn’t flattering. I look like shit in the pool though so whatever. I love how she answered everything. She’s so mature. I love the explanation regarding Springbreakers. She knew her younger crowds wouldn’t be allowed to see it. She kept the racy things away from little kids she didn’t do it at say an awards show on tv for anyone to see.

  • anonymous

    these girls can’t help themselves get sucked into being ridiculous. all hope for them is gone

  • javi g

    i love the fact that she’s the only actress i have seen that say to her fans don’t watch the movie because is for a more adult audience. good i love actress like that. also that pic is form a bad angle i have seen all the pictures and they are very different yes she has cute cheeks but that pic make’s her look more baby faced.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Bad angle? I don’t see it, she’s still cute here.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    that is a very very unfortunate picture of saintlena omg

  • Tash

    She always dissed Nick yet she never went that far to get at Justin. Just a joke or two at worst. Yet Nick had to endure an attack that never ended. Still hasn’t. Nick cried for her, didn’t grab her like meat in public and isn’t and wasn’t a kid she had to baby, nor was there any cheating rumours which in Justins case lets admit, he even hints towards it! Nick did not hit it and then go fuck someone else! Then make the world feel sorry for him like little bieby! Just shows how delusional this bitch is. Finally Nicks clan is over her shit. They took attacks for too long. Good for them to speak up a bit even if they are mostly painfully nice. That’s class! Not this chick and her fake possy! Well she is right, she did learn from Taylor, cos Taylor took her 5min fling with Joe and attacked the guy for years! He was like a deer in head lights! Yet he is still so nice to her and only now will make a joke cos he’s just over that shit. And she’s still a bitter bitch. Yep she’s a great influence. On how to be miserable and make everyone else miserable.

    • Julia

      The only thing i add about nick is that I think selena was going to leave him at one point then he wrote that song “stay” and sang it to her and he’s concert so then assuming she stayed with him (as it was really sweet) then to have HIM break up with her….i’d be pretty pissed too…its like saying “I’m not allowed to break up with you but you can break up with me?” ……also Taylor will attack Joe since he cheated on her with Camilla Belle….gathering that’s the first time she’s been cheated on…i’ve never been cheated on but if i did i’d fucking hunt the dude down.

      • Tash

        Hmmm, well I have not seen anything or heard anything stating nick broke up with her. Only her dissing him and saying how everyone including her family disliked him and wanted her to leave him and disliked who she was when she was with him. She basically bitched about him. So why be with him for so long if you don’t like the dude?? And she was with him for a while before stay. Even with that song, I got the feeling he changed for her, and she still wasn’t happy. When she got with bieber I saw why. He is like the anti nick. Basically a child. She couldn’t handle being mature. She said she be a hate how nick wanted her to Crete way and act a certain way. With bieber he didn’t care as long as he was getting some loving and having fun. Now she wasn’t an older guy. She has the wrong tactics. She needs to look for personality, not age. But beyond that, it’s a lot even if your nick claim is true, at least he left the relationship when he felt it wasn’t working. Bieber keeps fucking up and expecting her to stay. That’s no respect and selfish all around om his part an she doesn’t even take a stab at him but disses the guy who was a gentleman. Lets be real, bieber tapped that. The ultimate betrayal and death to my soul would be for a guy to have sex with me and basically throw our whole relationship and future in my face by risking it wafor a 1 night stand and chasing tail like mean nothing while expecting me to put up with it and take him back. Wow. She has some questionable morals and. mentality too if she’s gonna treat nick like shit but be nice to the dude who broke her. In reference to Taylor and Joe. That’s a bit fishy. But she didn’t say he cheated an you know her, she’d go for that 1st!

        • Tash

          I also think Taylor lied about that phone call. I think he met Camilla and was smitten. Then phone Taylor to break it off. And she got pissed and put the phone down. Then went on a rampage. He did put that letter up briefly online basically alluding to her cutting the call on him before he could even properly talk to her. Come on a break up in 27 seconds is bizarre you have to admit. This isn’t a movie. But teenage girls make it that way sometimes. He did move on quickly. But that’s not a crime. We all have been there in the past. Were just not scrutinized and made to feel like criminals or heartless douchebags. It’s pretty normal or at most swept under the rug and or justified.

          • Tash

            Sorry for some of that coming out weird. Im using this annoying phone with this really bizarre predictive text that puts words in, even when I didnt select it! Hate it! Don’t know how ti switch it off.

    • parishiltonsbff

      It always seemed to me like Selena was Nick’s second choice. I feel like him and Miley were really on and off through 2008 – 2009 and Nick only wanted Selena when things between him and Miley were fizzing out, but I think by 2010 him and Miley were off for good and he realized that he wanted to try again with Selena but she was hesitant so he wrote “stay” to reassure her that they can serious again. Just my opinion though.

      • Tash

        FI think we’re forgetting that miley was in some serious relationship. Remember her 2 year stint with Justin Gaston. During which her and nick were totally off. Nidj had very little interaction with miley over many years. Publicly we saw them once out to lunch which looked friendly or an attempt at friendship. The second time was questionable, with them having fun on jet skis. Although I can’t confirm thee time period. I do think it was a factor as you say. But I think it was just one of many. Still to me, nick always treated her like a lady and respected her. Justin always treated her like a piece of meat, yet she was happy to oblige him but claims to be so anti pda etc. She just epitomizes hypocrisy. In her behavior and how she treats others. Shortly after her split from Justin, he was already hitting it everywhere. Yet playing that heartbroken card im thee intermissions. He’d be with a few chicks this week all while begged her to take him back and lying his ass off and next week he’s tapping that. They went back and forth like a swing set. That’s std scary. Oh well, some just pick to see things how they wish too.

  • Molly1958

    “I am who I am. I’ve tried to be other things and I don’t know how to do it.” Hope she sticks to this way of thinking. I thought her PR was pushing her to be sexy and dress sexy, and it just wasn’t her. It was phony.