Taylor Swift Victoria’s Secret Performance

Taylor performed ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. A Miley song was also featured!

  • cerenagee

    Taylor looks like she should be on that runway with them :) Gorgeous. I can’t wait!

  • justlaugh

    taylor tryna get it in

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    brb going anorexic bc they so pretty

    • pandapower415

      girlfriend you really shouldn’t look up to them.. they are made to look like that so we can feel shitty about ourselves. as much as i wanna be candice, i know that i never will… so in order to make myself happy i exercise cuz looking at those models really motivates me to be fit. so instead of feeling bad about yourself you should make yourself happy by exercising or do whatever it is you like :) sorry for the long responce, but i honestly can’t stand it when normal girls compare themselves to these models

  • Dara

    I actually think Taylor could be a VS model if she wanted too. She is very tall, gorgeous, in pretty good shape, and she’s got the runway walk down.

    If she needed to make her boobs appear bigger she could just use a push up and she’s all set!

  • pandapower415

    i’m honestly so pissed Candice didn’t get wings! wtf! at least she got the FB. can’t wait for the show tho.

  • Julia

    There bodies are gorgeous and i’m pretty sure Taylor can easily become a VS model as long as she stays how she is…none of this thigh gap nonsense which by the way looks so horrible it makes you look really ill and boney.

  • boystan