Chopped Hair FACEOFF Miley Vs. JLaw

Who chopped their hair of best Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Lawrence?

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  • Alii

    I wish they both kept their hair. They both cut it off for the same reason. My favorite thing about Miley was her hair.

    • kurty

      I love miley long hair, it made her look so sexy, she look good with short, but her long hair was the best, her last season in Hannah hair was the best one . Miley cut it first why will Jennifer cut her hair like miley, wonder if is liam influence?

  • anon

    I think it suits Miley more, but this is a bad picture of Miley.

  • cerenagee

    I think it suits Jennifer way more. It looks good on both but Miley’s bones arent as defined. Miley’s long hair was fucing beautiful

    • :)

      It’s been well over a year since Miley got her hair cut short and we’re still talking about it. Now it seems like some of the hollywood girls are getting their haircut short, not because of Miley, but because they say it feels better. But now you have Miley starting to let her hair grow out. lol!!!!!!

      • cerenagee

        has it really been over a year? damn time has passed.

        • :)

          I think. Didn’t she get it cut when she was in Philly with Liam when he was shooting his movie ‘Paranoia’ and she was working on her album????

          • cerenagee

            yeah im pretty sure. damn time has flownnn. i was so upset when she first chopped it cuz thats like right when she died her hair blonde and it looked SO amazing. she rocks the shit out the short do though, I couldn’t pull it off thats for damn sure.

          • :)

            I hear ya. I’m getting so used to it now but I also like her in shoulder length hair also. Can’t believe how fast it’s grown out!!!!

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        “because they say it feels better” — and yet they still wear 6 inch heels ok

        • :)

          WTF are you talking about???

  • laura

    Jennifer is just following the trend. Miley was at least some what original.
    But Jennifer looks way classier than Miley does so it just depends on what type of style you prefer.

    • mountainmiracle

      How was Miley original? Pink head her hair cut like that before Miley. It so annoying that now if any star cuts their hair they’re copying Miley when Miley wasn’t the first person to have that style.

      • laura

        I said ‘somewhat original’ and I didn’t say Jennifer copied Miley. I just said that she is following a trend that has become more and more popular with female celebrities. Please just read what I’ve said before making such accusations..
        I even said Jennifer wears it classier than Miley does, so there no need to act like this.

    • cerenagee

      Every post I read of yours makes you sound like a crazy Miley fan. There are thousands of women BEFORE Miley that have cut their hair. There are hundreds of celebs before Miley that have done exactly what shes doing. Miley is not original.

      • laura

        How does this make me sound like a crazy Miley fan? I even said I liked it better on Jennifer than on Miley.
        And when I defend Miley on other posts, it is because I am European and we have different morals and ideas on certain subjects than Americans: it has nothing to do with me either liking or hating Miley.

  • Jen of course

    Jen cuts her hair short and still looks classy, can’t say the same for Miley

  • Cara

    can’t wait for more Miam vs Jiam drama now that Jen steals miley’s hair, next is Miley’s ex, Liam

  • ety

    Well in this picture its Jennifer and in real life its Jennifer

  • KRP

    How come theres never a neither option in the vote?

  • Rosemary

    Of course oceanUP chooses an awful picture of Miley

  • honesttruth

    I like Jen’s better, although I like Miley I’ve honestly don’t like Miley’s haircut cause it’s shaved(like a guys haircut) and she’s pretty much like half bald… IF Miley had Jennifer’s exact haircut she would look alot better! imo all she needs to do is grow out those sides and back of her head…