Joe Blanda Camilla Belle Chateau Date

Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler seen leaving Chateau Marmont in West HollywoodCamilla Belle leaving the Chateau Marmont in West HollywoodJoe Jonas, Blanda Eggenscwhiler & Camilla Belle at Chateau Marmont. PCN.

NOTE: Joe was spotted wearing gym clothes on Rodeo Drive today.

UPDATE: Pix of Joe drinking a smoothie after hard Mexican work HERE!

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  • what

    So Joe’s date was Blanda and Camilla’s date was…?

  • Me

    Dumbass OU makes it look like they were in the same car. Obviously, they weren’t.

    • jdkid

      Well, you can’t expect journalistic integrity from a bitchy gossip site like this.

  • bitheway

    I’m pretty sure at this point that all three of them are gay or bi.

    • GentileJewel

      Oh! Shut Up! And No!

    • Ee

      Haha three of them gay? Haha wow you don’t know what else to say about them well Kevin is married with a woman Danielle and joe jonas and nick have girlfriends so don’t be ridiculous with your stupid comments sweetie because you are so embarrassed

      • youidiot

        I wasn’t refering to the three Jonas Brother, moron. I was talking about Joe, Camilla and Blanda. Camilla for sure is gay, which makes her former “relationship” with Joe very suspect.

        • Ee

          Haha please joe jonas is not gay because he always date woman and he has a girlfriend you hater you never was a jonas fan that’s why you like to made that up and don’t call me moron because you are the moron in here

          • oliolor

            Camilla is as gay as the night is black. She had a nearly two year relationship with female tennis player Maria Sharapova. Now ask yourself why a “heterosexual” like Joe would want to date someone like Camilla who has no sexual interest in him? Think hard about it.

          • Ee

            Please stop made a crap that is not true you only made that up is because you are a hater not a fan don’t put comments that only exist in your mind sweetie

          • Ty

            Haha joe jonas is not heterosexual why made that up I don’t know what’s is wrong with you you are just the haters out there who likes to made up a crap every fan knows him you better stop living in a cave because you are jealous of Camilla and blanda because they are beautiful woman that’s why you talk shit about them I fell sorry about you poor thing

        • Ty

          Haha shut up maybe you are a guy and you are gay and you live joe jonas sorry but in here is not accepted gay people like you

    • Ffghjbh

      Haha well I don’t know what is goin on on your fucking mind to made that stupid crap by yourself

  • JJ456

    Looking good, Joe! What’s up with all those dates with his ex girlfriends?

  • M

    Camilla Belle is MUCH BETTER than that manly evil cougar.. blahblah is ugly. Poor JOE, he was dressing like a grandpa haha because he was with his manly grandma

    • Ty

      Haha you are sooo jealous about blanda please don’t put comments they only exist in your mind please joe jonas is a adult to have a woman older then him sweetie

  • cerenagee

    Awkward AF

  • djsd

    I ship Camilla and Blanda.

    • GentileJewel


      • ispeaktruth

        Silence, child. Camila and Blanda would be a very hot couple.

  • shanghai

    Shame Blanda is still about Camilla is so goregeous. OK not everyone agreed on that when they were dating and I do think she was using him also BUT still gorgeous. Problem is her career seems to be going nowhere so maybe she needs to date a Jonas again to get some publicity!!

  • K


  • Romanelli

    Ok lord. Please let there be a Jandamilla … That’s a hot fucking three some. Maybe Joe and Blanda are just a couple of swingers who like to get down with Camilla and Dilmer LMFAOOO! Joe is like the new Simon Cowell … hanging out with his exes and such :P

    • maybe

      Well, Camilla does like women from what I’ve heard, so it’s possible they could have a threesome situation.

  • JJ456

    Joe DJ-ing Sunset Marquis 50th Anniversary tonight. I wish I could be there to see it but I live in NY and so I take comfort in this:

    • JJ456