1D Jonathan Ross FULL & Harry Styles Reveals He Has A Flaw


Truth be told, the One Direction star Harry Styles has revealed that he in fact has a flaw: he is LOPSIDED. The boyband singer has one leg half an inch LONGER than the other. And it means he suffers with permanent backache. Doctors advised him to take up BALLET to help ease the pain – but it was too girly for him. Instead the 19-year-old heartthrob takes regularly yoga classes. Harry said on the The Jonathan Ross show: “I have a bad back and I went to see and osteopath. He told me to do ballet. But I didn’t. I’m doing yoga instead,’ he confessed. His bandmates Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn teased him about the injury and revealed that Harry claimed it was caused by a heavy paper round when he was younger.

The full interview on The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday night on ITV. Harry Styles was asked what he was looking for in a girlfriend: Harry, ‘I think you know when you find someone, I guess. I think, just someone who’s nice.’ The talk show host also questioned the singer about his relationships with Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne, asking whether he feels weird about the pair of them performing together at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this week. But Harry simply replied: ‘I’m friends with them.’

During the interview Zayn and Louis revealed that they cook for their girlfriends and Harry said the band will be together ‘for a long time’. Asked if he does romantic things for his girlfriend, Zayn said: ‘I try to. Just nice things, like cook dinner.’ Louis said: ‘I’ve only ever cooked one meal, that was pretty nice. Chicken wrapped in Parma ham, stuffed with mozzarella. With a big scoop of homemade mash. Winner.’

Zayn also added that he didn’t know what could happen in three years when asked if he may have a baby with fiancée and Little Mix member Perrie Edwards. When Jonathan asked the rather cheeky question, if any of them would consider a solo career, Harry said: ‘I think we’re just so busy at the moment that there’s no way we would have time anyway, but I think we just have so much fun, doing this and we want to all be doing this for a long time. ‘So I just think we’ll keep working hard and having fun and see what happens.’

Liam also talked about the night a fan broke into his hotel room to steal his underwear and how nice it was to have the band’s families in their new video. He said: ‘It was a really weird, weird experience. It was quite strange. This girl kind of like half opened my door when I was in bed and I turned around and saw this eye peeking through. She was trying to break in. So I ran outside to have a look what was going on, what was the commotion about. I had these jogging bottoms on…you know when you just whack something on and run outside. So I’d gone outside and realised the pants were gone because they were outside drying…and this girl had them on at the beach later and my security guard was like, “Those are your pants.” I mean, I don’t know why he knew they were my pants, that’s a bit strange. They were red…I did mail them to her after.’

In true Jonathan Ross Show fashion, the show would not have been complete without its fair share of comic moments, and during the interview, Niall put his hand up and told Jonathan that he needed to go to the loo. He said: ‘I’m going to embarrass myself…I really need the toilet.’ Jonathan said: “You want to go to the toilet now?” Niall said: “If I could possibly do that.” But Jonathan told him the interview was only going to be a few more minutes so he decided to wait.

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    Poor hazza :(

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    flaw but still flawless bc harry styles

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    Poor Harry, The interviewer picked on him a lot :( But overall, it was a good interview. I haven’t seen them together in an interview like this for a long time, so it was a nice to see them like this.

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    why is Zayn Malik dressed as Stever Jobs.. halloween is over

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    why is zayn dressed as steve jobs.. someone should tell him halloween is ovr

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