Ariana ‘Be Alright’ Bieber Cover

Ariana Grande covered Bieber’s ‘Be Alright’ as part of her Lullaby series on YouTube.

  • gg

    Justin just have to do a call and she will dump Nathan in a heartbeat

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      i pray to god that Justin & Ariana never get together ugh. that would literally be satan’s doings.

  • Cici

    I love her..but lately she seems like she is kissing Biebers ass quite hard…hmm maybe she is being told to make him look better? lol

    • (:

      She covered his songs before and was a big fan of him and fangirled when seeing him even before Scooter signed her, was talking nice about him always so….but nice try lol :D

      • Cici

        Nice try? lol you take this shit way too seriously.

  • Silver

    I can’t seem to put my finger what the problem is with this kid. She is talented, that is true but I just can’t figure out her personality…. Does she still feud with Victoria Justice?