Louis Tomlinson Weight Loss Drink

selena-gomez-seattle-sweltering (2)selena-gomez-seattle-sweltering (1)Louis Tomlinson promoted weight loss smoothie Bootea on Twitter infuriating some Directioners. He Tweeted: ‘Had an amazing @BooteaUK smoothie from Bootea.com this morning #booteashake’. 1D’s rep addressed the weight loss Tweet scandal:

‘Louis tweeted about the drink as he had one this morning and enjoyed it. However, he did not realize they are associated with weight loss, and would never endorse weight loss products.’ The smoothie will is on sale for 34.99 pound is ‘currently out of stock. Please sign up to our mailing list to find out when Bootea Shake is stocked up.’

+ new pix form Midnight Memories shoot!

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  • moi

    Oh please! Of course Louis didn’t tweet that! It was modes fucking up again, they were probably supposed to tweet it from another account, the tweet was deleted straight away anyway.

    • moi

      sorry, I meant *modest

  • boystan